Search for office space to rent or lease in Rossini and mountains Ples Wisconsin

Office premises in Racine Wisconsin can be found from various sources. YouTube, Craigslist, Loopnet and Costar.com contain very large lists of currently available property on the Internet.
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Contact with any real estate agent and let them know what you are looking for, it may also be effective; but first look for “Office space Racine” at Google.
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In the mayor’s office or the town hall will also be able to direct you to a job – consult on the development of office.
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Nothing b & # 39; ie driving in the area that you want to search for and identify signs of LISA. You will find most of the office buildings, located both on Hwy 31 and Hwy 20 at.
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Some business owners mistakenly believe that they need a massive signs, easy access to the street, access to the 1st floor or extremely beautiful surroundings. For example, professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, generally can bloom most basic sites. Most of the customers of these companies or customers, which are repeated or clients who refer other.
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These professionals often do not realize that their clientele is determined to get to them, and a surplus as large sign really – costs that can be avoided. Most customers have already decided who they want to see before you get there.
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Other businesses that depend on the entry or transit customers really need frills.

When referring to the landlord be prepared with information that can weed out the space, not the winning. Details of your needs, such as square footage, number of rooms, the needs of water supply, lease duration and the number of parking spaces, allow the lessor to quickly assess the availability and save you a lot of time.

In Racine must have permission to place and can be obtained at City Hall. Also in Racine and the neighboring mountains Pleasant for signage needs permission.

Some landlords in the area were known to be false Racine games, known as the “fill and flip” and / or “fill and squeeze.” This means that they can offer a very attractive initial rental rate, but then sharply increase its update or soon will sell the building, leaving the tenant at the mercy of the new owners.

Renting office space in Racine, Wisconsin, is advantageous because it is ideally located to serve several communities such as Milwaukee, Mount Pleasant and Wisconsin. If commercial premises accommodate comfortably, the potential tenant is expedient to ask the next time the price per square foot, utility costs, a variety of additional costs that still are tenants in the building and that it is necessary to restructure. If this information still points to a possible match the needs of the tenants, the next step is to request scheme of space that you want to send an e-mail.

Then ask for rent. Tenant reasonably read the whole thing and ask questions about the confusing parts. The lease must be clearly explained to the length of time the monthly rate, any additional costs, responsibilities of both parties and the description of the space. In Racine standard rental period is 3 years, but subject to approval.

Also be aware that the rental rate of Racine and Mount Pleasant WI office space according to the article publication date was $ 13.40 / kvtfut Office for review through the popular real estate website loopnet.com site.

Only after all of this information, it would be wise to analyze Premises Premises will be collected personally. It is also advisable to personally call other tenants in the building to determine the reliability of the lessor.

Office space Racine Wisconsin can find and get any easier with the help of the above tips.


What happened to Christmas?

Remember when no one started Christmas shopping until the day of Thanksgiving?

Author Wisconsin Le-P. Ralph remembers it very well.

“When I grow up on our dairy farm forty years ago, in the stores was not delivered Christmas demonstrations until the day after Thanksgiving Day Before that no one thought about Christmas shopping.” – Ralph said. “In fact, my mother is so strongly felt that she did not even liked to hear the word” Christmas “until we finished eating supper gratitude”.

Ralph’s new book “Christmas in dairy country” ( “True stories from the Wisconsin Farm”) celebrates Christmas in this simpler time.

“Then happiness Bake cookies, decorated Christmas tree and eating lefse that my mother did,” – said Ralph.

Lefse (pronounced lef & # 39; suh) – flat potato pastry brought to this country by Norwegian immigrants who settled in Wisconsin. Ralph’s mother was the daughter of Norwegian immigrants, and their family farm of 120 acres was adjoining to the great-grandfather of Ralph.

“When I was young, people enjoy the simple pleasures of Christmas program of the Sunday school was an event in a small rural church just down the road from our farm, which was attended by almost all the inhabitants of the surrounding area.” – Ralph said.

“At that time, if someone had told me that the Christmas season is going to be so dramatically that you will eventually get Christmas catalogs in the mail in August and September – and in August-September, you will also find Christmas decorations -. I would not have believed, – she said.

“I also never thought that dairy farming has changed so much I always take it for granted that we live in.” America’s dairy country “, but today the majority of dairy family dairy farms have disappeared”, – said Ralph.

According to statistics from the US Census of Agriculture, Wisconsin has lost two thirds of its dairy farms since 1969. Forty years ago, Wisconsin had 60,000 dairy farms. Today, there are only about 20,000 dairy farms.

The overall national statistics on the US Department of Agriculture census shows the same trend. In 1969, over half a million dairy farms operated in the United States. Today, there are only about 80,000 dairy farms.

“As far as I hvalyuvsya, one of the best parts of Christmas went out with my dad to cut the tree. We on the farm were planted small pines stands to stop soil erosion. We would go until we found a good tree, and then we would have cut and brought home, “Ralph recalled.

In the book, Ralph “Christmas in dairy country” ( “True stories from the farm of Wisconsin”) (August 2003; ISBN1-59113-366-1; Paperback; 153 pages) – 20 stories located on the farm of the family & # 39; and during Christmas. Scene name “Lefez”, “jet puansettyi”, “winter greens,” “White Christmas,” “Er Zheg with Council hoeryong Yulekveld”, “The most perfect dog,” “Candle for Christmas” and “New Year’s unlike any the other. ” The book also includes recipes for lefse, fattygmana (Norwegian cookies, which is pronounced “futsi-man”), zhulekake and Christmas cookies, as well as instructions for making candles out of old crayons, referred to in the story “Candle for Christmas.”

“Several years ago, my story was published e-mail newsletter about how a father makes ice cream. Story name was” Beloved Pope recipe “, and a few weeks later, I received emails asking for the recipe. This is why I decided to include in the book recipes for some of the products mentioned in my stories, “Ralph said.
Smith said the cryptocurrency industry has seen more growth in the last 18 months than it has in previous years. It’s enjoyed publicity from bitcoin more than doubling in value since the start of the year and Facebook announcing plans to launch an asset-backed virtual currency called Libra, in partnership with other tech and finance firms.
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But Libra has been faced with fierce regulatory pushback. President Donald Trump has said Facebook may be required to seek a banking license to launch it, while several U.S. lawmakers have panned the company’s digital currency plans. Central bankers have also poured cold water on the idea, with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell saying the project should be halted until regulators’ concerns are addressed.

Elliptic’s boss said that, though Facebook is “taking the flak,” plenty of other companies are exploring asset-backed virtual currencies. “It’s out of the box,” he said. “People are now thinking about this and what’s the right way of doing it.” Even central bankers are floating the idea, with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney proposing a reserve digital currency and China’s central bank claiming it’s close to releasing its own virtual tokens.
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Going forward, Elliptic is opening offices in Singapore and Japan as part of a push into the Asian market. Japan is an example of a country that’s shown more advances in the industry than others, Smith said, with “major banks” examining ways of offering cryptocurrency services to their customers. The company said revenues in Asia have increased tenfold in the last 12 months alone.


History of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Fish Fry

In Fry Fry Friday – a tradition in Milwaukee and the rest of the State of Wisconsin for many years. About every bar, restaurant, tavern or pub is such. It offers all kinds of fish, including native fish such as perch, cod, perch and blue Zyabrev, but others are now also available as catfish, tynka, pollock, haddock, and even bass.
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You can get fried fish, fried pan, dipped in batter saturated in flour or corn flour or baked, but no matter how you cook, but favorite eats everything what you can & # 39; is. We love their fish.
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But what started this tradition? Why Wisconsin? Why fish? Why are all you can eat? Well, after delve into the history of Wisconsin, we can find answers.
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The story begins in the Milwaukee area at the end of 1800 because of two reasons – Beer and religion. So, thanks to the German, Polish and Italian immigration in Milwaukee that brought with them their Catholic belief, religion participates in the tradition.
The Germans brought beer manufacturers from the old country, who have found an excellent source of water (and a source of ice for shipping) and rising grain center in the United States, to provide an ideal place for brewing beer.
Few breweries sprung up around Wisconsin to provide immigrants from Europe, local-brewed beer. Some of these brewers as Fredrik Miller, August Pabst, Joseph Schlitz and Valantsin cronyism, continued to produce the giant brewery that made Milwaukee beer capital of the world.
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These breweries were giants and produced not only a wide Brewery in Milwaukee, but also the competition between these breweries led to the creation of large hotels and many excellent “beer parlors”, which were very elegant place to socialize and, of course, drinking beer. In addition to the hotels, the brewery built amusement parks, to help establish their brand at the beginning of the next generation of beer drinkers.
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Pabst Whitefish Bay owned resort on the corner of Ardmore Avenue and St. Henry Clay in Whitefish Bay, which was attached to an amusement park. While competing with please send. Pabst wanted a way to attract more people to the resort, and since Lake Michigan whitefish was so inexpensive, they decided to offer a sig for a cheap night on Friday. It was a huge blow. People soon flocked to the amusement park whitefly and address on Friday, and then on the weekend for frying fish, as well as after, and please send others.

Brewery belonged to numerous taverns and restaurants in Milwaukee and soon to & # 39 appeared to offer fry fish as bait to sell more beer. Hold the cheapest price for the inexpensive fish dinner, he struck up people branded bars and the beer consumed in further cementing the brand with Milwaukee. Then they switched to a free lunch with the fish, to further instill their brand and build loyalty. Free food with fish and a couple of pints of beer will help these workers.
Beer ban ended, although some taverns survived, preserving traditions. Since the owners of restaurants and bars had to keep customers returning, they have expanded the time when young fish were offered, and grilled fish family affair. This helped secure the fish fry as a tradition. Fortunately, the ban was over, and soon the ice cold beer you could fall again.
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Malek fish offered on Fridays as an alternative to meat during abstinence from preservation of the Catholic tradition. In the end, it is taken from the bars and restaurants, as they have become so popular, and started with & # 39; to appear in the local churches.
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Initially, parishioners offer an alternative frying fish in taverns and bars, but also allow the seven & # 39; pits to participate in family activities, but also to build a close relationship between the church and its members. This tradition remains strong to this day.
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Many churches offer a Friday fish fry, and during Lent attended by many more people. Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday and is held forty days before Easter (excluding Sundays) and should be a time of reflection and do without it.
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Initially, it was the speed of time, but because the forty days little time to most people watched go without food and on Friday it reduced to not eat meat. Fish was the perfect alternative. During Lent, many restaurants, bars and some churches also offer a fish fry on Wednesdays, and also comes from Ash Wednesday. This allows people to one more day to enjoy the fish and do not have to be solved on such long features that are common to most restaurants and churches.
The most popular fish – pike, perch and cod, although there are many other options. You can fill your fish seasoned flour and pan fry in deep fat. You can also opt for a thick beer batter of flour, eggs and beer and then fried.
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Although most of the fish fries today fried, deep frying really started before the 50-ies, when the commercial deep fryer, which made it possible to come up and small bars and restaurants could offer fish and grilled fish. Prior to that, most of the fish was fried in a pan. It was not only a popular form of fish to enjoy, but also was a great way you can cook the fish in large quantities and be able to provide more hungry snacks.
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Milwaukee probably will not know who Louis Girshynger, but they owe him a big thank you for the fact that the second half brought the tradition in Milwaukee – all you can eat fish fry.
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Louis, who, along with his wife, Ruth Tanner Paul owned a restaurant in the West Alice, and after a visit to a small restaurant on the East Coast during the trip found anything that you can & # 39; have a chicken dinner.
He was fascinated by the idea and thought he would try the same thing in his restaurant in Milwaukee with fish. It was a huge blow, which confirmed the grilled fish as one of the favorite traditions of Milwaukee.
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Fish in Milwaukee has its roots in religion, and in brewing, brought by German immigrants. Along with beer their eating habits have helped to shape what became another part of the tradition. Accompanying fish in traditional German fry fish – potato pancakes, applesauce, cabbage, rye bread and tartar sauce. They can still be found in many restaurants or, at least, all the side options, but the fries has become the party that accompanies most of the fish fry is now in so many bars, taverns and pubs.
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Wherever you go in Wisconsin, you will find the fish fry of one kind or another. If you are visiting Milwaukee or Wisconsin for the first time, you really need to join the local traditions and try it. If you live there, you’re always looking for the best.
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It may be infinite, but tasty search. For a complete list of every young fish in the Milwaukee area, go to the Manual on fish thirst for Milwaukee

Golf equipment – what laws mine plugs for the game?

Jerry Court, who passed away in May last year, has been my close friend for most of the past 30 years and showed delight in golf, especially in sports. His passion as a serial inventor of sports items, including golf, fishing and hunting equipment, must have something to do with the winter, which ends in June and again in August begins in the tundra of Wisconsin.

Jerry concerned with relations with fellow inventor Ross Package with Massachusetts, who invented a unique plug for the shelf flange with patented stabilizatarnay bar that created the sweet spot of the ball wide. Jerry took over the sales and marketing of Ross & # 39; sandwich and future master of "unique", he perfected the design. He has made a change that, in his opinion, make it better than all the other major manufacturers & # 39; Klyushnik.

For most of the eight years that he sold, Jerry pulled out of the van itself and in local golf show. He relies heavily on word of mouth to mouth, getting them into the hands of golfistav in Wisconsin. On the way, his tutor and the lesson laying amateurs and professionals have helped many players to enjoy victories in Wisconsin local tour, earning great fame Jerry.

Quoted in the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal at a time when Jerry said: "I work on weekends and evenings, and I have a ball with it's response was so great among good golfers, I think I & # 39; you. something got. "

As a result of this history, Jerry became friends with the writer about golf, Gary D & Amato, and they later went on to write and publish a book of instructions called "The proof is in the installation." (This book will be available in Natural Golf later this spring)

What makes Jerry sets unique in that the shaft is not directly attached to the head, but instead is fixed at two points as the plug. The shaft is connected to a two-inch "stabilizer", which is then attached to the rear of the device with two prongs.

"Most of the growers are pushed and pulled out of one place (where the shaft is attached to the head)," – said the Court. "The head wants to turn when the ball bounces lightly on the heels or toes. This ukladvalnik regulator wants to set the head to move straight back and forth."

Both Ross & # 39; the original design of the flange and update the style pocket Jerry – a balanced expression of the tabs with the center. This reduces the amount of torque at failure fetters. Stabilizer bar expands the sweet spot. Patent patented and approved by the United States Golf Association.

When Jerry first started to market statterav, Ross told Jerry that he had the PGA Tour players who use the club, before the approval of the toll taken on the region. "He told me that the pusher has won $ 3.5 million on the road", – said the Court. "I have no way to confirm this figure, but it is testing the test. He said that he got out of it, if all of these companies have begun to pay big bucks for a pro to use his people. He could not do it."

Flange Rocco & Fork Fork Fork Mallet and Jerry went sightseeing, patented and conform to USGA rules of golf.

the Great Ten Report – Week 6

As we approach the game of the conference "Big Ten" is clearly divided into two levels. Four out of six games last week passed routes, including team number 1 nation, Ohio, who looked after the main major bowling average with a score of 35-7 at the Horseshoe.

In my opinion, the top tier is filled Bakey, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin. With limited exceptions, I would not expect that any of these four teams loses seventh bottom. Wisconsin can compete for two weeks in West Lafayette, and in Iowa may occur battle at the end of the season with a trip to the Twin Cities. It will be one of the two dozen of our biggest games, the games? Only time will tell, but there is a good chance.

In addition, four teams have to finish the season with an impressive record, and the two need to get an application for the BCP. I very much hope that Michigan and Ohio can go to a meeting on November 18 unbeaten, as it will bring more recognition of the conference. winner of the game is easy to finish the season on the BCS standings and earn a place in the game with a national title in Glendele, Arizona, who calls the former Wisconsin Coach Barry Alvarez.

Further, several actions will be changed from the last week and a preview of next week's important:

Wild game took place in Champagne, Illinois, when Saturday came Husar. Illinois came out with an impressive victory, and we felt that the situation is handled to pull the trigger on them as vasmibalny favorite over Indiana. Huziery really struggled, losing three home games, and interfered with and conform to their offensive line. It went as expected in the first quarter, when Illinois put 22 points on the scoreboard, which was held at the beginning of 25-7. I felt that this game was in the bag, but then Huzaer reflected off 24 straight points to take the lead to six points. From this point the team went back and forth, and as a result confirmed the victory over Indiana field goal Austin Starr 33 m Yard.

It was an unpleasant loss to Illinois, as they could transfer the program to the next level. This could create a shot with three victories in a row, and this would give Ilyin win in the conference. Fighting Ilina rushed 209 yards, but their fall was that they made only 1 of 11 chances on third down.

I do not think too many people are upset about the coaching change that occurred when they changed Urban Meyer. But no matter who is coach of this team continues nedasyagats, as they have talent on paper. Next to Illinois with the & # 39 is a home date with Ohio. They enter as a touchdown favorite and they are 10-2 straight against MAC. Huziery hope that will develop on this shocking disorder when they welcome Aovu at Memorial Stadium. In the early line of Iowa was 17.5-point favorite, and I did not expect that this game will be close.

Another impressive victory road crew watched as Pan-Stein enters the twin cities and will come with a one-time gain. The most intriguing game this game was that golden gophers were just 67 yards away. This is a team that earns the ground, and it is quite an achievement for Joe Pa and his Lions. great recession of talent observed in Minnesota in the position back, and Amir Piniks could not do the job.

The game was close throughout the entire time, as no one team was not more than 7-point advantage, and then Minnesota killed just over a minute to send it into overtime. They quickly turned into the old day when Brian buys threw 25 yarovy pass to Eric Decker to give Goferfu six points. However, additional torque Jason Dzhennine hit vertically and bounced back. This gave confidence Lviv and two yard Tony Hunt and extra point brought them victory.

Does this give the game back Pensitetu return home to take Wolverine? It certainly could be. Revenge will be in their presentation from massive loss of Ann Arbor last year.

Minnesota have to quickly regroup, so Ax Paul Bunea will be captured when they visit Madison. Badgers come into their home game as a favorite, which is 10.5 points, and I do not expect that Minnesota will once again fight with the ball. However, an interesting statistic from the game last week that QB Cupito threw 348 yards. Protection Protection may be the only unit of the weakness of badgers. Michigan will go to Happy Valley as a touchdown favorite, who wants to keep the perfect season. For me they are definitely the best team, and I would only consider chalk.

Finally, a game that very few people were able to observe, – border fight between Wisconsin and North West. The game was on ESPN 360, and bar owners in Madison tried to find equipment that would make it possible to see the internet channel on big-screen TVs. From what I heard, not many of them have been successful and, consequently, the business suffered.

Northwest has traditionally been a thorn in the side of the badgers, as they in the past three years was not shot down two of them (including thrillers 51-48 last season). Badgers reached the score of 10: 0, and thought it an easy win for them. Cats avoid the next nine points to get into one, but it could do. Wisconsin gradually distracted to win 41-9.

Northwest has lost its identity because of the sudden passing of coach Randy Walker, and an insult – only a shadow of what it was in the past. They finished only 216 yards of offenses and distribute deceived no one. RB PJ Hill continues to surprise opponents with their abilities and performance with & # 39 is the leading conference in the courts. He took over a century in five of its six games, and next week should eclipse the 1000 characters.

The next meeting with the cat – lady with the house Perd & # 39; S. Boilers enter as a touchdown favorite and it will be interesting to see which team is responsible, since both were blown up last week. It will be a game in which you need to stay away, because both teams have problems stopping opponents. In appearance it is the only possibility.

The second intriguing game next week – number 1 team in the land, which is sent to East Lansing to take on the Spartans. Michigan State understands that this game – their season, and the last chance to demonstrate their talent is not feasible on the national scene. I said two weeks ago that they would receive Bax or Wolverine. They do not beat Michigan, because waiting for this week. The talent is there, but their mind is usually drifts.

Final thoughts about college football

1) For those of you who have played in the state of Mississippi, you had to be broken, when two touchdowns, the last less than three minutes had been killed. The dagger was a return to Punta 50 yards Vuna Rivers with 1:07 remaining that brought forward to 28 points.

2) When gambling, I always like to bet with coaches big play, as seems to be doing all that it takes to win. Urban Meyer to approach this bill, along with Pete Carol. Les Miles does not, and so I was not confident in his ability to the same game.

3) teams continue to pound the state of San Diego. I had a chance to see them in person, and the offensive part is by far one of the worst in the country. Continue to lay large numbers until they prove to me that they can dial sequence.

Starting with victory in the bombing of our "My Site," we will move it to the card this Saturday, when the release of our "game in the match of the year." The team has a great chance to win this game at once, and I will be sur & # 39; ozna treat the money line.

For those of you who have not tried our hockey service, I would urge you to do so. We offer a special on Sunday, October 15, where you can choose the week only $ 20. I choose to own and satisfying gambler who likes to bet big money on one game every night. We look forward to another great week in football and would like to have you aboard.

Free choice: Take the Texas Tech -8 over Colorado.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the stone countertops

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – a feature that the seller offers as the reason why the product or service is different or the seller is better than the product or service is completed. Your USP with the & # 39 is the reason why customers buy from you.

I know three stone manufacturers, who for years engaged in business on the same block in the city of Wisconsin. After many years of peaceful co-existence of the market was strong, and one of the stores has decided to put a sign in the window: "We are doing the best stone countertops town".

NOT skonchyvshysya, a second store soon put them in the window of the sign: "We make stone countertops Wisconsin".

Finally, the third store supplied them showcase the inscription: "We're doing the best stone worktops block".

You need to find a unique selling proposition, which gives your potential reason to buy from you. Best of all, if your competition can not easily or quickly duplicate your USP.

Without the prospect of USP may take its decision only on the basis of cost.

To develop your USP, you need to understand what you do that is different from your competition.

If you have several different types of competition, you might need to develop several different USP, to deal with each of the different types.

Possible USP:

· Do you have a unique way to make the top of that your competition can not duplicate? Car CNC, when no one else in your market can not be your USP. But the hand skills in the market, where everything is done on the computer, can also be used as a USP. You just need to work out a strategy.

· Do you have a unique polishing process

· You have the biggest or the most unique selection of boards in your market?

· Helps your customer to register the kitchen or choose her plate, for example, the designer accompanies the consumer to the retail or wholesale plitavaga unique.

· You have won awards. Awards are great, because they run the risk of purchase which procedure.

· Has your company or employees have more experience than the competition; for example: our staff has an average of 20 years experience.

• You or your co-worker has a unique certification or training of producers

· Do you have a fast turnaround, or vice versa, we take more time, because we have so many satisfied customers, and we have time to do it right.

· Develop a checklist that consumers should look for the manufacturer of countertops, so that they can distinguish you from the garage manufacturers. Even if you do not get the job, it will make the job more difficult for cheap guys. If you do not have one, please send me an email and I'll send you a copy of our blog post "How to buy the cheapest granite countertops."

· Some other USP may be unique accessories, special accessories, special sealant

If you use any quality variations such as best stone countertops in better be prepared to determine the quality and make sure that you comply own standards. The best quality is not of the & # 39 is the USP, if you can not identify it and prove it.

Avoid price! You can not afford to be the cheapest in town, and if you advertise the price, you will attract the wrong buyer.

How to Grill Perfect Beer Bratwurst

Beer Bratwurst on the grill

Everyone has their own secret recipe perfect bratwurst. Not being from Wisconsin, I can not tell if this recipe is perfect. What I can tell you, this recipe is very tasty bratrurst created for me. I have heard people say that a large arbitrary secret is to cook them first in beer (really? Yeah, no kidding?), Or cook them slowly and make sure the fire is needed.

In my experience, the secret – just patience. How long of bratwurst grill, depending on how you grill them. You can throw them directly on the grill, which will take about 25-30 minutes, or boil brass in beer, wine or water for about 20 minutes. After boiling, they then grilled for 4-6 minutes. The first boil them in beer flavor improves so dramatically that almost a sin just throw them on the grill. Although the brothers need a little time to properly prepare. If you hurry, you can easily turn out to be a fool, who was burned on the outside, not the inside.

If not handled properly for a long time of preparation often burst thin skin Var & # 39; a madman, releasing all the glorious juices, causing parched happiness.

Bratvarsta tradition

Due to the large number of German population of Wisconsin is known for its beer and quarrel. The Germans brought their recipes for sausages, if they are located throughout the area in 1800. One-third of Bratwurst is made from pork, although there are of bratwurst, and it's all beef or other meats. The choice of which brand brother cook, it's a personal choice. Johnsonville – a popular national brand, and as good as any, if you do not live around Wisconsin where you can find many delicious alternatives.

While gas grills are excellent to use, bratwurst tastes best grilled over charcoal or firewood. I have seen the fried in a frying pan, but it reduces the taste of nothing more than a big sausage for breakfast. Here & # 39; s as fry ideal bratwurst

that grill

6 brothers
6 good quality rolls (Semmel roll if you can find them)
1 whole onion
1 large green pepper
12 ounces of beer
1 cup water
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon salt

how to grill

If you have a gas grill, bakenbardyk is perfect for this.

Cut the onion in half and slice. Cut green peppers into strips 1/4 inch in width. In 2 Onion saute pan quarterly Onion and green pepper to 2 tablespoons of butter for three to four minutes.

Remove 1/2 of fried onions and green pepper and place in a bowl covered with foil to keep warm. (You can use them on the tinder later) Leave the remaining onions and peppers in a pan.

Next, add 1 bottle or can of beer and 1 cup of water and bring to boil. Never cook bratwurst – he razab & # 39; e skin. Near brewed when steam rises from the water and bubbles do not come to the surface.

You can use any beer, but full flavored Mexican beer, for example, Corona or Tecate, works great. Light beer is not recommended.

Boil brothers simmered for 20 minutes and remove. (Discard the fluid and peppers). Take a boil over low heat directly to the grill. Be careful not to break the skin. Grill on low. The key here is low and slow. Brothers can be prepared either directly over the fire, or indirectly, where the fire is located on one side of the grill and the food on the grill over the unlit side. This allows you to cook foolish babe with little risk of burning flares.

Fry panties for 4-6 minutes, turning often up to 39 & #; brown appearance. Now they are ready to serve.

To rotate only use tongs. Using a fork or anything else that can plug the holes in your puppies, will provide all the good juices and lead to drying brat. The explosions, which are derived from fat, will dig in and outside.


Serve fresh baked buns good quality (not bun with a dog), and top with a mixture of onions and peppers, you absmazhyli or with brown mustard or mustard – or from all of the above. If you like sauerkraut to your brothers, use fresh sauerkraut with refrigeration department supermarket. I like to use the Bavarian style with caraway seeds. Heat it in a pan with a small crack black pepper.

Bratvarst and beer with sauerkraut – one of my favorite dishes on the grill. It's fun to prepare and so delicious.

Goodness is not enough

Recently, I spent an hour twice a week with a very determined and talented young man. His name is Scott, and he is an exceptional basketball player. This year, he led a team of high school to finish 2nd place in the playoffs Basketball State of Wisconsin. He was also named a joint winner of awards Mr. Basketball in the state of Wisconsin. He received a full scholarship to attend the University of Marquette and will play basketball there.

Although Scott – perfect basketball player, his example can be applied to any person in any sport or profession. Here are a few things that I have witnessed in Scott.

– He understands that to be good is not good tomorrow.

– He is willing to try new teaching methods that will help it achieve its goals, even if they are uncomfortable at first.

– He quickly overcomes errors and spends very little time, b & # 39; yuchysya.

– He understands that there are no gifts, no free lunches. The only gifts – are the ones that you give yourself hard work, commitment to the goals and self-confidence.

Scott took the time to develop these views. He realistic, he takes responsibility and is not justified. During all this, he even takes time to smile and have a good time. He will go just fine.

Help yourself, waiting for a little more. Remember that the secret of happiness – this effort, and happiness – the key to success.

Wait a little longer,

Fred Niklav

Sure children's coach

Real estate agents in Minnesota

Minnesota occupies approximately 79,610 square miles. This is one of the most naturally beautiful areas of the country. In Minnesota, there are more than 15,000 lakes and "Iron Range", a series of low mountains, which can be found primarily in the northern part of the state. These natural gifts make Minnesota a great place to build a house. There are several real estate agencies that can make this possible. Here are the most reliable and popular real estate agents.

Marcus and Jane Noymiler boost-boost with Edina Realty care for property in St. Louis, St. Paul, Rovsvill, Minneapolis, Shoreview, Como, together Heights Falcon Heights, Midway Park, St. Louis Anthony, New Brighton, etc. d.

Home team serves real estate in St. Louis Paul, Woodbury, Minneapolis and district twinning. Stacia Goheen and Keller Williams Premier Realty engaged with real estate in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Woodbury, Styluoter, Minneapolis, St. Louis Field, River Falls, Hudson, White Bear Lake, Oakdeyle, cottage-Guy, etc.

The team of real estate professionals Johnson serves real estate in the Valley of the St. Louis-Croix Sainte-Croix-Poly, Minneapolis and Hudson, Wisconsin. Butzer Realty care Properties Vasek County, Mankato and St. Louis St. Petersburg.

Other real estate agents – Craig S. Sindelar, Realtor (New Prague); Chestnut Realty (Belle Plaine, Chaska); RE / MAX Premier: (Ocean, Barking, Millet Lax, Pine counties); First Realty Bemidji (Blekduk, Baglaĭ, Park Rapids, Cass Lake, Walker); Katherine B. Francis, Realty Advisor, Inc. (St. Croix, White Bear Lake); JS Sathers Realty (Duluth); N & # 39; Lake turnout Realty (Walker, Hackensack); Property lakes and leisure (Brainerd, Breezy Point); McDonald Realty (Melrose, Sauk Center); Real Estate Luhman (Ottertail, Fergus Falls); Messina & Associates, Inc. (Hermantown, Duluth, Proctor, Two Harbour, Esko, Cloquet); Nathan Yates, Caldwell Banker (Maplewood, Oakdale Rovzvil, St. Paul, together Gayts); Real World (Sea, Cambridge), etc.

10 most popular college sports logos for jewelry ideas

Do you love sports? You take pride in your alma mater? If you answered so both of you need to configure your peer decoration to show the colors and logo of your team. This is the best way to express your love for your favorite college sports teams, regardless of whether you leave from the campus! Below are some of the top 10 college sports logos that you can incorporate into the creation of their own design jewelry.

1. Baylor University

Baylor Bears – official name of the athletic teams at Baylor University. Mascot and team logo – a bear. Thus, you can use this logo and bear's paw, if you graviruetse pendant, charm and charms, to show their support for their own sports team in college!

2. Ohio Bouquets

You're from Ohio State University? Do you have a lot of ideas to customize your jewelry with a team name. You can engrave names or OSU Ohio on collegiate pendant, dog thesis or necklace.

3. Klemsana University Tigers

Tiger or collective sports team Klemsana University, with a & # 39 is one of the most popular team sports in the United States. Thus, you can demonstrate honorable collective collective graviruyuchy famous tiger paw on beads, pendants, tags for dogs and clips. It can also be a great ideological jewelry gift idea for tiger fans!

4. University of Wisconsin Badgers

University of Wisconsin Badgers – one of the most popular logo of Arts in college sports industry. Thus, you can get your collegiate jewelry, customized for badgers mascot or logo of the University of Wisconsin. If you are a true fan of sports colleges, you are proud pahvalitsesya its jewelry, specializing in badgers, during and even after the game!

5. Red Wolves Arkanzaskaga State University

Red wolves with Arkanzaskaga State University – one of the best sports teams in the US. If you are from this university, you can maintain your sports team in two ways. Firstly, you can wear your team's color (red) during the games. Second, you can call the Red Wolves or team logo, which shows the face of a wolf on your collegial decorations.

6. Flataryda University

Florida Gyatars – a popular name in the college sports industry. The sign face alligator became the face of the University of Florida. If you're a fan of collective team alma mater, do not forget to wear clothes Gators or dog when you see how to play your favorite team.

7. The Spartans of Michigan State University

Spartans – popular collegiate sports team of Michigan State University. If you want to mark the team spirit with the Spartans, you can engrave or emboss the official logo of the Spartans team in their decorations. Whether it's a pendant, earrings or a dog, the logo will be easy to spot – on or not on the playground.

8. University of Georgia Bulldogs

If you are from the University of Georgia, you have several options to establish a sports team logo or team name to their personal belongings. Collective logo University of Georgia sports teams includes the person or the whole figure of the famous bulldog. Celebrate the success of your team on or not on the court with user college decoration.

9. University ter & # 39; Boston EASURES

Boston University is not only one of the leading universities in the world. They also have one of the best college sports teams in the world. Ter Boston & # 39; er with & # 39 is the face of the university college on a sports arena. Thus, any fan of the Boston University sports should have command of special sporting goods.

10. University of Oregon Duck

Oregon Ducks University is the list of the 10 most popular college sports logos to engrave your collegial decorations. Logo Art "O" – the most popular symbol for the collective Duck team. This is a simple but memorable character that is true supporter of blue ducks can recognize.

Someone from your college sports teams made the list? If not, you can still find an online jeweler that can customize your logo of a sports team in college at the jewelry of your choice to show your support!

Critical acclaim Patrick Rothfuss and his unique style of writing

Patrick Rothfuss – one of the most interesting and unique writers of this generation. You will not find love story. His unique style of writing combined with his special sense of humor has spawned some of the most intelligent works of this decade. His work has been recognized by critics for its unique style of writing and exciting story line. This benefits not have time before it to make millions of dollars selling the book rights for the basic trilogy of movies for their bestsellers. Patrick Rothfuss – bestselling American writer who enjoys creating works of fiction, as well as with the & # 39; is a guest lecturer at several major US universities.

Patrick Rothfuss was born June 6, 1973 in Madison, Wisconsin. He was active in his school newspaper The Pointer at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. He – naturally gifted writer fantazist who demonstrated in all his literary works of art. He currently works in his Alma Mata. He wrote a critique of The Kingkiller Chronicle, who joined in the three-volume series. But just because it is the best seller, this does not mean that this is the first honorary nod, which he received in the literary world.

In fact, in 2002, Patrick Rothfuss received in 2002 the prestigious "Writer of the Future" for the work "The Road to Levinshyra". He eventually sold the novel DAW Books. His car & # 39; EPA exploded release of the first part of the three-part series "KingKiller Chronicle" "The name of the wind." In 2007 he won the "Quail" and the award "Best Books of the Year" by Publishers Weekly of the department of science fiction / fantasy / horror. He also became the number 1 seller of New York Times for his trilogy. The second book, published in the trilogy – "Fear of a wise man," published in March 2011. The last book in the trilogy called "stone door". release date has yet to be disclosed for all fans of Patrick Rothfuss.

Other works that Rotfus published and appreciated their unique style of writing, include "Princess Adventure and Mr. Uifla", published in July 2010, and "Underground", "Story of a dark fantasy", where he published his award "Road to "Levinshyr. There is no doubt that Patrick Rothfuss – leading writer in the fantasy genre. He brings a unique style of writing, which most authors could only wish to have. He is an extremely talented writer fantazist, one who has yet to be fully recognized for all his powerful and inspiring work in the genre. He is definitely a superstar in the field of letters with the much more well-known works.

solemn salute

Author & # 39; s Note: Before the birth of my first grandchild, I wanted to include it in the history of the Great Patriotic War, the legacy of the family & # 39; and my wife. This account was written from his point of view, and of course, the story is true.

Railway in the spring morning in 1943 was at the train station Sparta, Wisconsin. Training is over, so the soldiers, who were still seven & # 39; and took their wives and children to the station to send them home. After the Louisiana maneuvers, and then training in cold weather & # 39; e in Wisconsin, Second Infantry Division, finally received orders to Europe. These soldiers were to embark troops, went to Ireland, and completed the setting. Their ultimate goal: to join the others in order to defeat Hitler bastard on your own soil.

Paw Paw carried my great-grandmother Kay to train until my grandmother Nano took place. As my grandfather gently placed his daughter in his arms as his wife, I can only imagine the emotions that came over them. Before he kissed them goodbye, Paw Paw took a tiny strip of hair with Kay and put it in her purse.

Next it was so bright in the memory of Nana. While most of the other soldiers left the station after it was put on board their seven & # 39; ads, According to Lapa remained on the platform when the train from & # 39; leaving. She watched as he took off his hat and held it over his heart. It was a solemn salute, I'm sure; perhaps it was even the way back, that one day they would be together again. Nana says Paw Paw holding the salute, while he, the platform and the station were not in sight.

History contributed to the story and the family & # 39; and. During the invasion of Normandy Paw Paw drove a truck on the beach of Omaha. In the end, he drove the truck directly to Germany. They were victorious, but at great cost. Paw Paw has come home to his family & # 39; and; Nano with my brother didn & # 39; t.

I look forward to a full and happy life, how good life is what Lapa and Nana enjoyed for many years. But I also know that there will be difficult times in this way. In those days, I will keep faith and family & # 39; and, as Paw Paw for over 60 years holding this little piece of tape. And I know that if I get the time to have the courage of my great-grandfather, I will go just fine.

In the end, it's in the blood.

A look at Medigap insurance

Medigap insurance

in the Medicare health policy covers a wide range of medical conditions, but unfortunately, not all. Thus, Medicare will not pay the full cost of medical services. In other words, there are flaws in Medicare coverage. There is Medigap insurance; it is in the field of health policy, which covers the gaps in original Medicare program.

Medigap insurance policies developed by the government, and therefore they are standardized, regardless of the state in which you live. The only exceptions are Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin that are standardized bit differently. There are 10 types of plans indicated from A to Z. Plan A – the most basic, and with each additional plan has additional coverage options. So you choose a plan that best suits your situation and budget. On June 1, 2010 plans E, H, I and J are no longer available, and the two new plans, M and N, were added. In addition, the benefits in terms of A – G have undergone some changes.

Different Medigap insurance plans have the same benefits regardless of which provider you sold it or in what condition (except Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin). The only difference is the price. Each insurance company is free to decide how to appreciate their contributions. The Company generally uses andartyng medical (health information, which determines the suitability for health) in order to decide whether they will accept your application and at what price.

Although the policy set by the government, is not a program, which is funded by the government. Consumer associations and private insurance companies can obtain a license to sell this insurance. You can get a list of licensed providers by contacting the state insurance office. As soon as you arrive, you will pay both the policy and premiums for Medicare each month.

After registering your policy is automatically updated, and the supplier can not cancel it, even if there are health problems. An additional benefit is that while you zdarova healthy, you can change plans depending on the situation and preferences. However, the supplier can not sell you more than one policy at a time.

The Medigap insurance there are a few key elements that you need to know, one of them with a & # 39; is the period of enrollment. Normally open record period of 6 months, which starts from the day when you are 65 years and older. It is desirable that you have registered during the open enrollment period, because the supplier is obliged to sell you any policy, even if you have health problems, and at the same price as that of a healthy person. If you arrived after a 6-month open-entry, the supplier can not sell you a policy, even if you are eligible for medical andartyng – if you are not qualified according to the specific restricted situations.

Another important point that you need to understand is that the policy does not allow spouses to apply jointly. Each person must apply individually.

You can also take note that certain coverage is not included in Medigap insurance. These include: Medicare benefits plans; long-term care insurance policies; veterans benefits; TRYKAR; medicaid; Plans of employers or trade unions, including the federal program of benefits for the health of workers (FEHBP); Indian health plans, tribal and urban Indian health plans; and plans for Medicare prescription drugs.