Hunting deer in Barnsley, Wisconsin

In November 2005, I traveled north with his sons Alex and Travis to uncles cabin in the remote town of Barnes. I hunted in the area for over 40 years. The cabin is filled with memories of my grandmother cooking, old timers, who played in Wild Rose, visited neighbors and preparing for the morning hunt. It was great when my grandmother raised us in the morning for breakfast with pantries eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and toast. It is sad to say that those days are gone, and now we are the sons should take care of themselves.

Opening morning deer

After breakfast we packed our lunch and grabbed our gear, which consisted of knives, guns, flaming orange jackets and a good pair of warm boots. Coming out of the door in the night on the vanity cold snowy November morning, waiting as nozhchyk just gives me goose bumps! If you are a deer hunter, you will realize that we have been waiting for almost a year to get back into the woods!

When we got to our deer, all I thought about was how many deer we're going to see, and if it was a day when one of us connect with more elusive dollar. We came to the booth and Travis helped him stay in before we went on a half-mile. He was almost on top of a hill, right on the outskirts of thousands of pine trees, which were planted in the 1940's CCC. It overlooks the ravine, which has always been a good natural runway. To his right stands an old railway line and a small island shaped lake, which seems to become less and less every year. Travis loves this place!

Alex and I went to our double stand, which was tied around the poplar by 12 feet. It was not the greatest for our tree stand, but did not have many options. Many pines were harvested, so we have seen a good descent over the past ten years. The sun began to fit over the top of the trees, where red squirrels and the birds began to wake up the rest of the forest.

When we got out of the area, we saw a dog and a sapper, who melted around the brush. Around 10:00 am we watched as five five deer moving around us, but nothing too exciting. Then suddenly it happened! About 75 yards behind us there was a small cattle fertilizing eight points. Alex saw the dollar, but could not shoot until you got to the first track. With the wind blowing and swaying of the tree, it seemed that it would be difficult shot. He made the shot, and then I shot, and we're both terribly missed. Approximately five minutes later, we heard a shot Travis stand. It sounded like good news!

An hour passed, and we have in mind the increasingly Var & # 39; yatsela curiosity. We grabbed gear and Travis came to the stand, where he was removed after concerns about the Shooting deer. It was the eight-pointer, which we missed before. We were delighted by the fact that, despite the fact that it was his first deer, it was the first good Trawick for Travis. We ended the hunt, but in the afternoon were unsuccessful. We went way back to the cabin for the community with the rest of the guys.

day two

The next day we decided to walk on a small wooded areas, focus on some ways to kidnap and make a few short drives to our sites. We have placed some of our hunters of deer, and the other hunters have been in the woods, hoping to knock a few deer out of their beds. Away it was released a few shots, but they were so far away, and we knew that they were to any hunter. In the afternoon, one of my nephews was able to get a good hit and threw a huge deer right in its tracks. The day was coming to an end, so we decided to pass another small timber filled with nipples and a brush. I ordered my son Alex are on the edge of the pines, where he opened a small grassy clearing where he might be able to get a good, open shots. He argued with me and said that he is bored and tired to stand, so I said: "You are angry, Alex, if I go out there and shoot the bubble of the Beast!" He thought about it for a moment, looked at me and went into the woods securely. He stood behind a pile of sediment with a view of the hole with scattered poplars, nipples and small patches of brush. The rest of us have been about a quarter of a mile, when they heard the gun disappeared. Two shots were fired! We continued to walk through the woods until he found Alex, who was grinning from ear to ear! He explained to us that the dollar is out of the woods, he picked up the gun, fired the first shot and missed. Why the dollar turned around and walked right towards Alex, giving him a rare opportunity for a second shot. Excellent shot is scored 175 pounds, 19 1/4 spread, nice buck! He has learned a good lesson about patience and seat. Paid off!

In that year, both my son was shot, but I was left without. It was another of my big trip!

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