Penalties for arson Wisconsin

Wisconsin law applies to arson very suras & # 39; ozna. This is malicious and very dangerous crime. In 2006, there were about 31,000 intentionally hot fires in the United States, which killed 305 civilians. To qualify as a crime of arson, the fire must be intentional, but the law of Wisconsin includes methods of prosecution of people who unintentionally kindle fires through spontaneous behavior. Here is an overview of our state of fire safety laws in order to strengthen the rigor.

Careless handling of burning materials: if you call the fire incorrectly entered or no control over the smaller fire, you are guilty of a misdemeanor of class A. It can be punished by up to nine months' imprisonment and / or a fine up to 10 000 dollars. For crimes punished violators can be up to two years.

Arson of property other than buildings. This can be punished up to 15 years in prison.

Dangerous burning buildings: Sometimes people decide to get rid of old barns or dangerous old buildings, they just slept. It is legal, provided that you do so with the knowledge and cooperation of the fire service. If you burn the old building recklessly or dangerously, you are guilty of the crime of class D. This can be punished up to 25 years in prison.

Arson of buildings: if a person deliberately sets fire to the building without the consent of the owner, sets fire to his own property in order to commit fraud with insurance, or does one of them with the use of explosives, they committed a Class B criminal case. The penalty can be up to 60 years in prison.

Injury caused by arson: Any person who has suffered or suffered property damage as a result of arson, including municipal employees may sue the burning of high losses. This means that the arsonist will have to pay the victim three times more for the damage.

Murder in the first degree if the arson resulting in death of a person before the arson can & # 39; to reveal the charge of first-degree murder, even if the death was accidental. In Wisconsin, convicted of a Class A crime happens a mandatory life sentence.

Arson is obviously not easily perceived. Since the fires so difficult to control once they are installed, setting fire to the & # 39 is an extremely dangerous crime. For more information about Wisconsin laws regarding arson, refer to the defenders of arson Appleton Cohler, Hart & Priebe.