The music scene of Wisconsin 1968-1975 from my eyes

I'm back to tell you about the music scene in Wisconsin from my eyes, it was an exciting time. It's hard to know where to start. "Beatles" came in & # 39; 64 I saw in the arena doors "Cream", "Hendrix", and Allman Brothers played a "scene", which at the end of the 60s ruled Benadetta Balistryery. Rock festival in the Midwest came to State Fair Park & ​​# 39; 69 Blind Faith, Joe Cocker & Grease Band, Jethro Tull, together with my favorite local groups Soup and Ox. This was the era of beautiful music that fueled the young soul …!

Leading dance "CYO", where the group had the opportunity to play along with the "Gate" and other clubs. We were messengers, destinations, corporation, baroque, sidewalk circle, skunks, Tony Tigers, Rabun, and do not forget about the structure of the industry of goodwill on N. 92 th, the population of 1200 people, and we are always filled him. There were other great teams that will soon arrive on the scene. First the Summerfest, which I remember was on the hill with a stage at the bottom of the Art Center on Lake Dr., New Colony Six and many classic rock bands. This is something that I had a scene that leads to & 69; those were the best days of my life (call this song?)! Music, which leads to the & # 39; 68 / & # 39; 69, it was just incredible. You had people "Mr. Tambourine", the height of eight miles, Temptation, Jefferson Airplane, Paul Revere and the Raiders with bruises and a good thing, Young Loafers – they had a ton of hits, Wilson Picket, Smokey, Supremy. You have to remember that in those days the music was the most important thing in our lives, and we can listen to pop, hard rock, R & B, Soul, blues, jazz and country. We could listen to it all … and cool! We actually need to return to music, but this is not recycled garbage. Back to the real things … I can not list all the wonderful songs that have a lot of, though I got a few. The Lovin Spoonful, Yardbirds – Shadow of Things WOW, Donovan, Stones, Kinks-Who & # 39; I'll be the next in line, you really do get me, a devoted follower of fashion, classic, animals Don & # 39; t take me out of the house of the Rising Sun, a British invasion at all. Do you know what they got ships from American blues, put them on a rotation and sold it to us. How many of you knew that? Music feeds the soul …. anyway she comes! They were all my influence, as well as Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Zhunier Wells Waves Wolf and Sonny Boy Williamson.

I played the drums is now 6 years old, trained hard. I joined my group 1 "Epilogue" with Dale Petersen with Shakhman, they rehearsed a few blocks away. They were fine, we played rock, blues, pop (British Invasion pop). I began to learn to perform their music, not just playing, I was hooked, and now is not turning away! I continued to work and train. I was offered a job in a band called "Prism", I was delighted. We had a singer-girl, so we played a wide range of materials: from Jefferson airplane Billy Holided Jim Appleby guitar. Later in the same year we were joined by one of the best keyboard players in the city, Rick Thiers. In the end, everything fell apart, as is the case in rock bands, drugs, alcohol, and just ordinary faces. I met a guitarist who ran a group Jeff Dagenhardt, a group of "Comus". He played with all the great blues Sam Lei, Kala, all I was honor. It lasted a year, I was offered a concert with a group called "short stuff", they were the best blues band in town, and I was 16 years old. Jr., keyboardist let me in school, looking back, what time. My family & # 39; I was very good until then, until I got the estimate. They all held over his head, "No class", no music …! I learned a lot from the Junior and Kenny Berdan. Jimmy Lebanon has made only a few shows when I was in the band, and he moved to Nashville. Jimmy outstanding talent. I hear Junior makes itself in Lithuania, Little Richard. He really looks like him. Junior Telegram I bud. You also Jimmy and Kenny! More and more I delved into Zeppelin and heavy blues. A group called "Language" was looking for a drummer. They played heavy blues. I was the 54th drummer they auditioned and I got the gig.

"Language" was where I wanted to be. They already had a wonderful following. We played a great show, we would show in Eagle River WI, there would be a scene, and we waited for 3,000 people. We had a ground crew Bunny Rub, and in the end, Woody, all we had to do was two beer brets and go play. They put the equipment and tore it when we're done, the next town. We rode in a limo, life was the best! This went on for 4 years. Colorado, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, we played mostly as we have built a following. We were in Hollywood for the first time, stopping at Trapikana, and I forget the name of the restaurant at the bottom of Al & 39; s I do not remember, but the best burgers. We recorded in the central studios of Hollywood, we would eat in Savtaune, places to eat and shower on Wilcox. Returning to the studio, I was with John Rice, who had a studio and produced us, and I only saw this beautiful black woman, I am currently 17. I said, wow look at it, John said, look at my feet, I said that. ..? Look at her legs, well, they were so high that hung over the shoes. John said that Teddy look and know that this is not a woman, a man, dressed in a woman, and did not have to say, when I see a woman. The first thing I do is look at her legs, have a sine 1972. That night we went to the Whiskey, and I could not believe who was there, and later in the evening, we were faced with Keith Moon in Denis at sunset . For baby 17 it was exciting. Our album was never released due to legal problems, because you, young players have a lawyer on your side.

We played in Denver on his return home, and that is where I met Bobby Barth, who would later become "AXE". He's such a great songwriter, I loved his stuff. So back to Milwaukee. The most interesting places to play were now "Stone Frog," "Teddy", electric ballroom, salon, alternative site on the lake and much more in Milwaukee. Wisconsin had a wonderful music scene. "Language" has played in the same place as the Styx, Reo Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, Clicker, and Luther Allison W / my buddy Jimmy Solberg, incredible blues guitarist. Music in Wisconsin was smoke & # 39; Headliners, Nitty Gritty in Madison, Barr in Oshkosh and Claire London hotel, pub lord Zhefrysa, Klo, bar Modernaire in Eagle River, Rathskellar in fandom, as well as all the festivals. I will never forget that we were driving through Tennessee and bought 1/2 of freight and fireworks on Sunday after the show-killer. At night we woke loaded string and hid it until nightfall. We have said that Hope was the owner, check it out, we pushed the boat and shot at her, she was blue, like Mount St. Elens. Fireworks flew everywhere, I still can not believe that people will never come in blue …? Then in Menamonii was Point-Point, and another ton. We had a variety of space to play. Again, the music helps the soul …! Many groups continued to great things want to Doug Jankus of soup was out of life (what kind of talent), John Paris with Ochs continued to work with Johnny Uinterm and many others. If you visit New York, on Monday night at BB Kings in Times Square in the evening he would go. Not forgetting the Bull-Ring and Milaguby, Daryl joined Genesis. Language broke up, I moved to Los Angeles (see the LA & # 39; 75 – & # 39;. 76) We had a wonderful music, and it continues, and next time we will get into the 80s; seat belts for this. Let the music comes back …. you soon.