Fishing on ice is perfect in Eagle River Wisconsin

More than 25 percent of the fish caught in Wisconsin, was packed when the lake froze, which indicates how popular fishing on the ice in the dairy country.

Most ice fishing begins in early December. This is when a local fisherman dares 3-4 centimeters of ice and starts to go on the search for the torch. This year – the exception. Ice lot north. This author was in last year's Thanksgiving Day on the chain of lakes in the Voronezh River. Although it was too early to find the flags in the place where I fished, my neighbor was able to get the monster in the lake that are close by. He caught a 30 "walleye is 12 pounds would have continued about someone walls.

Walleye and panfish – is the most popular ice fish, but if you can find a good place in the northern pike during the day, you will have a fun day. All of these fish are well pass through the ice. In winter, the meat of this fish & # 39 is solid and tasty. Sometimes in the summer, and some northern pan fish are soft and muddy. This is not so in the winter. You would be hard to tell the difference between the northern winter and winter pike-perch in a blind taste test.

Zlavuha usually catch zhygingami. Some fishermen have success in Tip Downs. suppression Terminals usually have a wooden stand next to the hole and the rod, wire, or even a piece of the umbrella, an elongated top. As the fish bites, the wire is tilted downward. This is a good setting for soft biting fish.

Wall and North usually catch the liner. These fittings usually have a flag on a spring which is released when the fish bites. In my opinion, the number one Tip Up – this Beaver Dam Tip Up. I do not have own shares in the company and does not sell any of their products, they're just bad tips. When using the tip is very important that the coil is moved smoothly without grabbing her. Winter squash can be tricky, and if they feel the tug of the coil, they will throw the bait.

In the early season, I like to use medium and large shine through the ice for purses. It is important to fasten shyner directly under that of the dorsal fin to the pallet. Pick this high hook as close as possible to the dorsal fin. If you connect them away to the body, we call it a "hook death" – your minor is likely to die soon, and he will miss the traffic, which has a well-hemmed Pin. NORTHERN struck dead by the northern limit of the north, but Suai, similar to them, slyly.

It is also important where you put your top into the water if you are fishing. The best position – is to pass about 10-15 inches from the bottom of the lake. To use the first marking bottom depth sensor. At first, I plunged into the depth of the water, grabbed the water line, drew about 20 inches up the line and put a wooden stick matches. Then I put on the north and produces a line, making sure that the match is next on my reel, when I put the tip into the hole.

It should start working on an ice fishing trip. Remember, be safe and check the ice using a key before going out.