Casino Wisconsin, the top three

I have been gambling in Wisconsin since 16 years! I stayed for two years straight. After the legal gaming age 18 in a few months they moved the age limit to 21. Thus, I was forced to get a few more years. I've only played blackjack. I hate the slots, and I would be lucky to hit the jackpot, and I can not claim it, because I was a minor. Thus, the 16 years I played in almost every casino Wisconsin. I'm clumsy gambler and many times when I was only 16, I have traveled two hours in a casino Ho Chunk. All the time the risk is not there, because I was only 16!

So let's start with my favorite and move down.

1. Oneida Bingo and Casino in Grynbay WI.

Oneida is similar to Las Vegas in Wisconsin. Well, not quite, but they have almost all the game has to offer Vegas. Blackjack, Craps, Let it Ride, Roulette, Caribbean Stud, Bingo, POKER! And sports book. Poker and a book about the sport are in the casino Mason St just up the road, and you can take the shuttle back and forth. Oneida – one of the only casinos in Wisconsin that offer all of these games.

2. Potowotomi bingo and casino

The "pot" is a blackjack and dice, but will ride, roulette and poker. However, they are always packed. Located near the city of Milwaukee and being more casinos, they are always busy. It can be hard to get on the table. They have a great little poker room. They also have great food on the grill and sparstse "Firepit".

3. HoChunk bingo and casinos in Wisconsin Dells

"Piece" was for some time a fine. At one time in Wisconsin was the first poker room. And they had some time various games. When it came time to pay Uncle Sam, they decided it was not worth it. So they lost a poker room and a variety of board games. Now they simply Blackjack, Slots and Bingo. This is a great casino to visit vacation in Dells, but if you drive from Milwaukee, I would choose the 2-hour drive from Oneida over "pieces".