Swine flu A-H1N1, probably originated in the US lab

If in April 2009 with the & # 39 appeared the first cases of swine influenza A / H1N1, it is widely believed that the novel influenza originated in Mexico. By the end of June, when the data have not been able to confirm the origin of the Mexican, a new theory has assumed that the A / H1N1 comes from Asia and unintentionally transpartavalasya using nothing padazravalnaga people in North America. Perhaps it is not so. Instead, although not confirmed, that the A / H1N1 – is a genetically engineered creature that emerged in the United States, in particular, in the laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin, who accidentally escaped through any contamination.

Evidence of this scenario convincing:

1. Prior to the outbreak of A / H1N1 Institute of Molecular Virology (IMV), located in Boca laboratories (under the leadership of Wisconsin-Madison State University) participated in the study, the ability to transfer vaccine production. This study included a reverse genetic engineering of tissue sample that was extracted from dead intuitskay woman who succumbed to Spanish flu, which killed up to 50 million people during the pandemic of 1918-19 years.

2. The current version of the A / H1N1 – is "extraordinarily unusual virus," which had never before combined with the genetic material of North American human, avian and swine flu and Eurasian swine flu. (1) This combination of unprecedentedly never been found in pigs, birds and humans in the "Associated Press", and probably with a & # 39 came naturally. Given that there is not a close relative of the current strain and IMV mission – to carry out virological research and training at the molecular level – is taken into account, the creation with the help of artificial genetic engineering offers the best explanation.

3. Australian researcher Adrian Gibbs retired, who has played a leading role in the development of highly effective anti-influenza drug TamifluĀ®, theorize May 12, 2009, that the new strain of A / H1N1, probably escaped from the laboratory, because in the course of vaccine research, he showed characteristics "experienced" accelerated evolution ", for example, what happens when flu viruses are trying to adapt to the growth of the egg." (2) Although the World Health Organization (WHO) is rapidly eliminated Mr. Gibbs & # 39; A day later, through the theory improbable that enough research to determine the output can be completed in just 24 hours.

4. If the existence of the A / H1N1 has been firmly established in the United States until May 10, 2009, in Wisconsin and Illinois was nearly a third of the country. Since then, the stretch of Wisconsin led the nation in spite of the population of 5627967 at the end of July 2008 compared to the big states – California, Texas, New York, Illinois and even Michigan, with a population of 36,755,666 in July 2008, 24 326,974, 19,490,297, 12,901,533 and 10,003,422, respectively. . By June 12, 2009, when it was instituted dispersion, Wisconsin and Illinois are still accounted for more than a quarter of cases in the United States. Demographically speaking, this disproportionate burden has little meaning. However, if Madison, WI is regarded as a point of origin on the two-state load provides consistent evidence of the virus & # 39; creation. If the A / H1N1, is likely to run off with IMV, he immediately affected by the surrounding city and the nearest places, including Illinois (since a significant number of viskonsinitav daily ride in this state), before the spread in Mexico (probably transmitted citizen US Farms with pigs grunge Carol located in La Gloria, where there was the first case of a / H1N1, is a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods American company), other parts of the United States and eventually much of the rest of the world.

Bulletins for Disease Control (CDC):

10.10.2009: Wisconsin: 357 cases (14.1% of the national load); Illinois: 466 cases (18.4% of the national load)

12.12.2009: WI: 3008 cases (16.8% of national load); Illinois: cases in 1983 (11.1% of the national load)

5. To date version of pandemic swine A / H1N1 influenza in 2009 has not been recognized as endemic in the world's stocks of pigs that reduce the natural mutation and the initial transmission theory pig man. In addition, none of the pig stocks in Wisconsin without testing positive on the novel A / H1N1, which is currently suffering in the world.

6. Statements and actions indicate previous knowledge. On April 25, 2009, when a new strain of A / H1N1 has been officially revealed only three states (11 cases), CDC high official, Dr. Anne Shuchat said: "We do not think that we can curb the spread of this virus.". By April 28, 2009, Vice President Joseph Biden ruled out quarantine in Mexico, citing the limited benefits as the "swine flu virus (already) has penetrated into many states" (64 cases in 5 states). Immediate quarantine when the April 23, 2009 news surfaced about the outbreak of A / H1N1 in Mexico, most likely, has not been implemented because the CDC and the highest US government officials have warned of an accidental escape from the IMV and subsequent unconfirmed and undocumented infections. Quarantine had little sense, since the cases in the United States grew rapidly because such a step would probably have caused suspicion, if such cases will be confirmed and communicated.

7. Samples of the virus A / H1N1 were in CDC until Mexican samples. In an interview with & # 39; nd conducted Science Direct (published April 29, 2009) at the CDC virologist Ruben Donis – CDC completed the sequence of the novel strain of A / H1N1 or two weeks before April 15, 2009 – three days before Mexican officials sent swab samples. headquarters in Atlanta for testing.

On the basis of convincing facts, above, there is convincing evidence that the outbreak of swine influenza A / H1N1, which has led to the first declaration of a pandemic by WHO 41, was created synthetically and can probably be attributed to the IMV & # 39; th lab in Madison, WI. As a result, the average risk, based on the characteristics and the potential threat of A / H1N1, especially for the generation that never bore a pandemic, and those who were formerly medical conditions (asthma and other respiratory disorders, diabetes, heart problems, Violations immunodeficiency, and pregnancy, if they are to name a few), the immune system which is ill-prepared or equipped to recognize and deal with the new strain, respectively, should be taken suras & # 39; ozna. When writing this article, this is not done (for example, the Ministry of Health of New York City said on its website more June 25, 2009 – "Most of the flu cases do not need to be checked for H1N1" Despite the fact that the seasonal flu. gone for the summer, the suspected cases of emergency can not be separated, that contribute to contamination, etc.). Continuation if you do not, may result in 1 million (based on .25% of deaths from the available WHO estimates that up to one third of the world's population may be infected) to 25 million or more deaths, as people will be treated much more disease (after both developed suras & # 39; serious complications) and / or if the virus mutates into a more deadly form, which leads to death + 1%, which is exhibited in Argentina, a country that has just entered the winter season.


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