Bubb & Grub – looking for the best BBQ in Tucson? Try Bubb & Grub!

You are looking for the best barbecue in Tucson and possibly in Arizona? Bubb & Grub award serves barbecue everyday and comfortable atmosphere. Bubb & Grub not only offers standard cafeteria service, but also has a full service bar. Also invited to visit and catering. I order take out as part of my Monday to Thursday. I have never disappointed.

Who suspects that some of the best Texas barbecue is actually cooked here in Southern Arizona? Among other favorite barbecue with the 1990s the owner evidently served one of the best beef grudinak, pork and ribs.

From what I read, the owner began to cook barbecue rewarded in his home state of Wisconsin, before moving to its present location in Catalina, Arizona. He has received several awards for his barbecue sauces, and in Las Vegas, Nevada, Arizona, St. Louis Louis Missouri, as well as in his home state of Wisconsin, according to several articles on the Internet.

Arizona and Wisconsin far from Texas, but one taste of slow cooked beef brisket, and you klyanutsesya that you were in Texas Hill County. Beef brisket, pork, ribs and hot links – the best of them, regardless of the location.

Dan has not forgotten its roots and offers WI Fry Fry on Friday night. Supporters of the Green Bay Packers also find Bubb & Grub home. Bubb & Grub also offers sports fans viewing the large screen in the restaurant "Big Ten Salon".

Bubb & Gubb – it's all about the food. Prices are reasonable and portions are generous. My favorite, of course, two meat combo with brisket and pork outstretched. Sausage cabbage is also very tasty and perfectly kamplimentue barbecue.

I found that the atmosphere in the restaurant relaxed and relaxed, reflecting the slow pace of Catalina Arizona. Removal of the dough – it's fast and efficient, and the staff is always friendly. Thus, if you like kebab and find yourself near Tucson, go north to Bubb & Grub. You will not win.