Planning of scientific and Ca & # 39; ernaga growth – the need for K-12

Loan student loan today is about $ 1.3 trillion. Studies show that many graduates 30-40-year colleges will have a lower standard of living than their parents, and can not buy a house because of one – student loan debt. Seventy percent of all jobs require a two-year degree or less, but we shakes mantra that the car & # 39; EPA and success in school are going to achieve the notorious four-year bachelor's degree. In other words, we encourage our students to lay their future higher education that may not be necessary. Why?

The annual survey of Manpower talent shortage lists the top 10 jobs that companies can not fill. Most require a level of education of the two-year degree or less. about breaking skills University of Wisconsin and Milwaukee report shows that 70% of prospective jobs in Wisconsin require a level of education with a high school diploma or less, and then he said in 2020: "Even if every unemployed person is perfectly matched to the existing jobs more 2/3 of all unemployed remain without work. "Why?

When I talk to the car & # 39 planning sessions; sphere in high school, I ask, who is considering a two-year degree, diploma or apprenticeship. Between five and six percent of students answered "yes." The rest of the students show that they are looking at a college offering four years. Then we work with the regions exciting car & # 39; EASURES. Ninety-five percent of them only require a two-year degree or less to enter the field of favorites. Only from 7 to 9% of high school graduates enter the school. The average age of students of technical college – 30. Why?

Milwaukee certain demographic groups is from 30 to 50%. Employers are starving for skilled employees. Technical colleges are unable to attract a sufficient number of students to meet the demand for highly skilled workers, and the number of students in technical colleges of Wisconsin has decreased by 10%. Why?

For many years we have talked to students, so that they did not go out of the trade, in factories, in the area of ​​customer service and the car & # 39; sphere in the sphere of information technologies, because they were exposed to outsourcing or were at an impasse. Now they are all on the top of the survey Manpower shortage of talent. We tell our children for two years, you need to successfully. You can even hear "every job will require of higher degree in the future", although the data do not confirm this. Why?

Students choose a car & # 39; a career for the wrong reasons. Their father was buhgaltaram; on TV it looks cool; He pays a lot of money – not because it suits their personal interests and characteristics. My classes are full of students from the college steps, which did not like the choice of car & # 39; EASURES either now need practical skills to get a job, they are not taken at the existing level. It is nothing but nonsense and very expensive! Seventy percent of all American employees come to work every day, they do not like. Why?

As soon as an independent sound sounds, the expression above is just there, but if you combine them, they get a very different context. Why we are pushing our children to receive a four-year college degree, when for the most current and future jobs will require education level the two-year degree or less? We all believe that a four-year college degree is a sign of success, but for many it will be a ball and chain, which will drag with them all my life.

We need to rethink the whole concept of higher education, its value and the one who really need it. Not everyone needs formal education after high school. We need to look at the processes of car & # 39; ernaga and academic planning used in our schools to ensure that parents, students and consultants really understand the educational and car & # 39; erny landscape, their capabilities, costs and deadlines. We must make sure that students know what a car & # 39; EPA corresponds to their personal characteristics, and encourage them to do the car & # 39; a career in these fields. Students need to understand the labor market, which car & # 39; EPA is in great demand and that longevity. Today, graduates will work more than 50 years before they can retire. We need industry to step up and invest in training, shadowing jobs and opportunities of student sponsorship, which focus on areas with high unemployment, as well as in secondary schools, where students are literally brainwashed from kindergarten, and college four years, he was the only hope success.

Finally, students should understand the concept car & # 39; ernaga way, starting with a two-year degree or diploma, getting work experience, receive additional education (it is desirable that the employer pays), take on more responsibility in the workforce, earn more money, and then he goes. It is called lifelong learning. Remember that no matter what level you are and where the campaign – if you have no experience, you start with an entry-level position, as no one starts at the top. Thus, guided by the minimum education required to get an entry level job in an area that matches your personality and interests. Do not drink excessively with student loans and not retrained himself.