Critical acclaim Patrick Rothfuss and his unique style of writing

Patrick Rothfuss – one of the most interesting and unique writers of this generation. You will not find love story. His unique style of writing combined with his special sense of humor has spawned some of the most intelligent works of this decade. His work has been recognized by critics for its unique style of writing and exciting story line. This benefits not have time before it to make millions of dollars selling the book rights for the basic trilogy of movies for their bestsellers. Patrick Rothfuss – bestselling American writer who enjoys creating works of fiction, as well as with the & # 39; is a guest lecturer at several major US universities.

Patrick Rothfuss was born June 6, 1973 in Madison, Wisconsin. He was active in his school newspaper The Pointer at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. He – naturally gifted writer fantazist who demonstrated in all his literary works of art. He currently works in his Alma Mata. He wrote a critique of The Kingkiller Chronicle, who joined in the three-volume series. But just because it is the best seller, this does not mean that this is the first honorary nod, which he received in the literary world.

In fact, in 2002, Patrick Rothfuss received in 2002 the prestigious "Writer of the Future" for the work "The Road to Levinshyra". He eventually sold the novel DAW Books. His car & # 39; EPA exploded release of the first part of the three-part series "KingKiller Chronicle" "The name of the wind." In 2007 he won the "Quail" and the award "Best Books of the Year" by Publishers Weekly of the department of science fiction / fantasy / horror. He also became the number 1 seller of New York Times for his trilogy. The second book, published in the trilogy – "Fear of a wise man," published in March 2011. The last book in the trilogy called "stone door". release date has yet to be disclosed for all fans of Patrick Rothfuss.

Other works that Rotfus published and appreciated their unique style of writing, include "Princess Adventure and Mr. Uifla", published in July 2010, and "Underground", "Story of a dark fantasy", where he published his award "Road to "Levinshyr. There is no doubt that Patrick Rothfuss – leading writer in the fantasy genre. He brings a unique style of writing, which most authors could only wish to have. He is an extremely talented writer fantazist, one who has yet to be fully recognized for all his powerful and inspiring work in the genre. He is definitely a superstar in the field of letters with the much more well-known works.