solemn salute

Author & # 39; s Note: Before the birth of my first grandchild, I wanted to include it in the history of the Great Patriotic War, the legacy of the family & # 39; and my wife. This account was written from his point of view, and of course, the story is true.

Railway in the spring morning in 1943 was at the train station Sparta, Wisconsin. Training is over, so the soldiers, who were still seven & # 39; and took their wives and children to the station to send them home. After the Louisiana maneuvers, and then training in cold weather & # 39; e in Wisconsin, Second Infantry Division, finally received orders to Europe. These soldiers were to embark troops, went to Ireland, and completed the setting. Their ultimate goal: to join the others in order to defeat Hitler bastard on your own soil.

Paw Paw carried my great-grandmother Kay to train until my grandmother Nano took place. As my grandfather gently placed his daughter in his arms as his wife, I can only imagine the emotions that came over them. Before he kissed them goodbye, Paw Paw took a tiny strip of hair with Kay and put it in her purse.

Next it was so bright in the memory of Nana. While most of the other soldiers left the station after it was put on board their seven & # 39; ads, According to Lapa remained on the platform when the train from & # 39; leaving. She watched as he took off his hat and held it over his heart. It was a solemn salute, I'm sure; perhaps it was even the way back, that one day they would be together again. Nana says Paw Paw holding the salute, while he, the platform and the station were not in sight.

History contributed to the story and the family & # 39; and. During the invasion of Normandy Paw Paw drove a truck on the beach of Omaha. In the end, he drove the truck directly to Germany. They were victorious, but at great cost. Paw Paw has come home to his family & # 39; and; Nano with my brother didn & # 39; t.

I look forward to a full and happy life, how good life is what Lapa and Nana enjoyed for many years. But I also know that there will be difficult times in this way. In those days, I will keep faith and family & # 39; and, as Paw Paw for over 60 years holding this little piece of tape. And I know that if I get the time to have the courage of my great-grandfather, I will go just fine.

In the end, it's in the blood.