Goodness is not enough

Recently, I spent an hour twice a week with a very determined and talented young man. His name is Scott, and he is an exceptional basketball player. This year, he led a team of high school to finish 2nd place in the playoffs Basketball State of Wisconsin. He was also named a joint winner of awards Mr. Basketball in the state of Wisconsin. He received a full scholarship to attend the University of Marquette and will play basketball there.

Although Scott – perfect basketball player, his example can be applied to any person in any sport or profession. Here are a few things that I have witnessed in Scott.

– He understands that to be good is not good tomorrow.

– He is willing to try new teaching methods that will help it achieve its goals, even if they are uncomfortable at first.

– He quickly overcomes errors and spends very little time, b & # 39; yuchysya.

– He understands that there are no gifts, no free lunches. The only gifts – are the ones that you give yourself hard work, commitment to the goals and self-confidence.

Scott took the time to develop these views. He realistic, he takes responsibility and is not justified. During all this, he even takes time to smile and have a good time. He will go just fine.

Help yourself, waiting for a little more. Remember that the secret of happiness – this effort, and happiness – the key to success.

Wait a little longer,

Fred Niklav

Sure children's coach