Golf equipment – what laws mine plugs for the game?

Jerry Court, who passed away in May last year, has been my close friend for most of the past 30 years and showed delight in golf, especially in sports. His passion as a serial inventor of sports items, including golf, fishing and hunting equipment, must have something to do with the winter, which ends in June and again in August begins in the tundra of Wisconsin.

Jerry concerned with relations with fellow inventor Ross Package with Massachusetts, who invented a unique plug for the shelf flange with patented stabilizatarnay bar that created the sweet spot of the ball wide. Jerry took over the sales and marketing of Ross & # 39; sandwich and future master of "unique", he perfected the design. He has made a change that, in his opinion, make it better than all the other major manufacturers & # 39; Klyushnik.

For most of the eight years that he sold, Jerry pulled out of the van itself and in local golf show. He relies heavily on word of mouth to mouth, getting them into the hands of golfistav in Wisconsin. On the way, his tutor and the lesson laying amateurs and professionals have helped many players to enjoy victories in Wisconsin local tour, earning great fame Jerry.

Quoted in the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal at a time when Jerry said: "I work on weekends and evenings, and I have a ball with it's response was so great among good golfers, I think I & # 39; you. something got. "

As a result of this history, Jerry became friends with the writer about golf, Gary D & Amato, and they later went on to write and publish a book of instructions called "The proof is in the installation." (This book will be available in Natural Golf later this spring)

What makes Jerry sets unique in that the shaft is not directly attached to the head, but instead is fixed at two points as the plug. The shaft is connected to a two-inch "stabilizer", which is then attached to the rear of the device with two prongs.

"Most of the growers are pushed and pulled out of one place (where the shaft is attached to the head)," – said the Court. "The head wants to turn when the ball bounces lightly on the heels or toes. This ukladvalnik regulator wants to set the head to move straight back and forth."

Both Ross & # 39; the original design of the flange and update the style pocket Jerry – a balanced expression of the tabs with the center. This reduces the amount of torque at failure fetters. Stabilizer bar expands the sweet spot. Patent patented and approved by the United States Golf Association.

When Jerry first started to market statterav, Ross told Jerry that he had the PGA Tour players who use the club, before the approval of the toll taken on the region. "He told me that the pusher has won $ 3.5 million on the road", – said the Court. "I have no way to confirm this figure, but it is testing the test. He said that he got out of it, if all of these companies have begun to pay big bucks for a pro to use his people. He could not do it."

Flange Rocco & Fork Fork Fork Mallet and Jerry went sightseeing, patented and conform to USGA rules of golf.