the Great Ten Report – Week 6

As we approach the game of the conference "Big Ten" is clearly divided into two levels. Four out of six games last week passed routes, including team number 1 nation, Ohio, who looked after the main major bowling average with a score of 35-7 at the Horseshoe.

In my opinion, the top tier is filled Bakey, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin. With limited exceptions, I would not expect that any of these four teams loses seventh bottom. Wisconsin can compete for two weeks in West Lafayette, and in Iowa may occur battle at the end of the season with a trip to the Twin Cities. It will be one of the two dozen of our biggest games, the games? Only time will tell, but there is a good chance.

In addition, four teams have to finish the season with an impressive record, and the two need to get an application for the BCP. I very much hope that Michigan and Ohio can go to a meeting on November 18 unbeaten, as it will bring more recognition of the conference. winner of the game is easy to finish the season on the BCS standings and earn a place in the game with a national title in Glendele, Arizona, who calls the former Wisconsin Coach Barry Alvarez.

Further, several actions will be changed from the last week and a preview of next week's important:

Wild game took place in Champagne, Illinois, when Saturday came Husar. Illinois came out with an impressive victory, and we felt that the situation is handled to pull the trigger on them as vasmibalny favorite over Indiana. Huziery really struggled, losing three home games, and interfered with and conform to their offensive line. It went as expected in the first quarter, when Illinois put 22 points on the scoreboard, which was held at the beginning of 25-7. I felt that this game was in the bag, but then Huzaer reflected off 24 straight points to take the lead to six points. From this point the team went back and forth, and as a result confirmed the victory over Indiana field goal Austin Starr 33 m Yard.

It was an unpleasant loss to Illinois, as they could transfer the program to the next level. This could create a shot with three victories in a row, and this would give Ilyin win in the conference. Fighting Ilina rushed 209 yards, but their fall was that they made only 1 of 11 chances on third down.

I do not think too many people are upset about the coaching change that occurred when they changed Urban Meyer. But no matter who is coach of this team continues nedasyagats, as they have talent on paper. Next to Illinois with the & # 39 is a home date with Ohio. They enter as a touchdown favorite and they are 10-2 straight against MAC. Huziery hope that will develop on this shocking disorder when they welcome Aovu at Memorial Stadium. In the early line of Iowa was 17.5-point favorite, and I did not expect that this game will be close.

Another impressive victory road crew watched as Pan-Stein enters the twin cities and will come with a one-time gain. The most intriguing game this game was that golden gophers were just 67 yards away. This is a team that earns the ground, and it is quite an achievement for Joe Pa and his Lions. great recession of talent observed in Minnesota in the position back, and Amir Piniks could not do the job.

The game was close throughout the entire time, as no one team was not more than 7-point advantage, and then Minnesota killed just over a minute to send it into overtime. They quickly turned into the old day when Brian buys threw 25 yarovy pass to Eric Decker to give Goferfu six points. However, additional torque Jason Dzhennine hit vertically and bounced back. This gave confidence Lviv and two yard Tony Hunt and extra point brought them victory.

Does this give the game back Pensitetu return home to take Wolverine? It certainly could be. Revenge will be in their presentation from massive loss of Ann Arbor last year.

Minnesota have to quickly regroup, so Ax Paul Bunea will be captured when they visit Madison. Badgers come into their home game as a favorite, which is 10.5 points, and I do not expect that Minnesota will once again fight with the ball. However, an interesting statistic from the game last week that QB Cupito threw 348 yards. Protection Protection may be the only unit of the weakness of badgers. Michigan will go to Happy Valley as a touchdown favorite, who wants to keep the perfect season. For me they are definitely the best team, and I would only consider chalk.

Finally, a game that very few people were able to observe, – border fight between Wisconsin and North West. The game was on ESPN 360, and bar owners in Madison tried to find equipment that would make it possible to see the internet channel on big-screen TVs. From what I heard, not many of them have been successful and, consequently, the business suffered.

Northwest has traditionally been a thorn in the side of the badgers, as they in the past three years was not shot down two of them (including thrillers 51-48 last season). Badgers reached the score of 10: 0, and thought it an easy win for them. Cats avoid the next nine points to get into one, but it could do. Wisconsin gradually distracted to win 41-9.

Northwest has lost its identity because of the sudden passing of coach Randy Walker, and an insult – only a shadow of what it was in the past. They finished only 216 yards of offenses and distribute deceived no one. RB PJ Hill continues to surprise opponents with their abilities and performance with & # 39 is the leading conference in the courts. He took over a century in five of its six games, and next week should eclipse the 1000 characters.

The next meeting with the cat – lady with the house Perd & # 39; S. Boilers enter as a touchdown favorite and it will be interesting to see which team is responsible, since both were blown up last week. It will be a game in which you need to stay away, because both teams have problems stopping opponents. In appearance it is the only possibility.

The second intriguing game next week – number 1 team in the land, which is sent to East Lansing to take on the Spartans. Michigan State understands that this game – their season, and the last chance to demonstrate their talent is not feasible on the national scene. I said two weeks ago that they would receive Bax or Wolverine. They do not beat Michigan, because waiting for this week. The talent is there, but their mind is usually drifts.

Final thoughts about college football

1) For those of you who have played in the state of Mississippi, you had to be broken, when two touchdowns, the last less than three minutes had been killed. The dagger was a return to Punta 50 yards Vuna Rivers with 1:07 remaining that brought forward to 28 points.

2) When gambling, I always like to bet with coaches big play, as seems to be doing all that it takes to win. Urban Meyer to approach this bill, along with Pete Carol. Les Miles does not, and so I was not confident in his ability to the same game.

3) teams continue to pound the state of San Diego. I had a chance to see them in person, and the offensive part is by far one of the worst in the country. Continue to lay large numbers until they prove to me that they can dial sequence.

Starting with victory in the bombing of our "My Site," we will move it to the card this Saturday, when the release of our "game in the match of the year." The team has a great chance to win this game at once, and I will be sur & # 39; ozna treat the money line.

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Free choice: Take the Texas Tech -8 over Colorado.