the Great Ten Report – Week 6

As we approach the game of the conference "Big Ten" is clearly divided into two levels. Four out of six games last week passed routes, including team number 1 nation, Ohio, who looked after the main major bowling average with a score of 35-7 at the Horseshoe. In my opinion, the top tier is filled […]

How to Grill Perfect Beer Bratwurst

Beer Bratwurst on the grill Everyone has their own secret recipe perfect bratwurst. Not being from Wisconsin, I can not tell if this recipe is perfect. What I can tell you, this recipe is very tasty bratrurst created for me. I have heard people say that a large arbitrary secret is to cook them first […]

Goodness is not enough

Recently, I spent an hour twice a week with a very determined and talented young man. His name is Scott, and he is an exceptional basketball player. This year, he led a team of high school to finish 2nd place in the playoffs Basketball State of Wisconsin. He was also named a joint winner of […]

Real estate agents in Minnesota

Minnesota occupies approximately 79,610 square miles. This is one of the most naturally beautiful areas of the country. In Minnesota, there are more than 15,000 lakes and "Iron Range", a series of low mountains, which can be found primarily in the northern part of the state. These natural gifts make Minnesota a great place to […]

solemn salute

Author & # 39; s Note: Before the birth of my first grandchild, I wanted to include it in the history of the Great Patriotic War, the legacy of the family & # 39; and my wife. This account was written from his point of view, and of course, the story is true. Railway in […]

A look at Medigap insurance

Medigap insurance in the Medicare health policy covers a wide range of medical conditions, but unfortunately, not all. Thus, Medicare will not pay the full cost of medical services. In other words, there are flaws in Medicare coverage. There is Medigap insurance; it is in the field of health policy, which covers the gaps in […]