Recipe holiday: Filled cookies

From the book: Christmas in dairy country (the real history of the Wisconsin Farm)

When I was a kid who grew up on our dairy farm in Wisconsin 40 years ago, cookies with a filling date was kind of my dad's favorite. Here is the prescription.

  • 3/4 cup butter or margarine (softened)
  • 3/4 cup
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 5 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • a few tablespoons of milk if the dough seems too dry
  • Jam: blackberry, black raspberry, strawberry, red raspberry, preserving plum, apple or refill dates (recipes for preserving plums and apples and charging dates given below).

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter, margarine, sugar, eggs and vanilla. Stir flour, baking powder and salt. If the dough is too dry, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of milk. If the dough seems too wet, add 1/4 or 1/2 cup of flour.

Roll out the dough. Use a small round cookie cut, or one large round cutter. Place cookies on ungreased baking sheet. Place one teaspoon of jam (or other filling) in the middle or lower kruglastsi put to one side more kruglastsi. Put another smaller circle on top of the small rounds; make large circles in half. Use a fork to crimp the edges together and push the top of the hole. Bake for 15 minutes or until light brown.

This recipe makes about six dozen filled cookies.

The recipe can also be used for the manufacture of cut Christmas cookies with colored glaze.


~ ~ Drain plums

If canned plums made specifically for filling cookies, store all that was left in the refrigerator and use on toast or biscuits. The reserve can also be sealed in jars with Pinto. (This recipe is about three pints).

  • 8 to 10 fresh, large, ripe plums
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 4 cups sugar
  • 2 cup raisins
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

Pour over plums and cut them into small pieces. Place in a large saucepan and add the sugar and water. Simmer 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the lemon juice, raisins and walnuts and cook for another 10 minutes, stirring constantly. (Note: Recipe can also be made using 3 cups of chopped apples instead of plums Add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon..)

Date of completion ~ ~

  • 3 cups chopped dates
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 2/3 cups water
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Put all ingredients in a saucepan and cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until thickened (10 or 15 minutes).


Manual color photo Florida Esmand Mr. Barnhill

Esmand D. Barnhill (1894-1959) specialized in Florida, hand-painted pictures. Barnhill, born March 4, 1894 in Saluda, South Carolina, in 1913 founded the first photo in the St. Louis-Petersburg, and specialized in postcards and greeting cards. Most of his works were published and distributed manually by hand. Its early postcards were printed in Germany, but in subsequent years, most of his postcards were printed in New York Albertype Co.

Barnhill has expanded into selling hand-painted landscape photographs taken around St. Barngila in St. Petersburg and in the end, he moved on to the village of Florida. All kinds of Barnhill, we have seen – is landscapes of Florida, some the size of 2×3 size, "and other measuring 11×14". Some pictures Barnhill is set to signed under the name of matte board, very similar to other major photographers. However, most images Barnhill, who we saw were either without a frame, or a more intimate framework in newer frames. We believe that a large number of original unsold inventory with Barnhill & # 39 appeared recently and is slowly released to the market today. Price Barnhill photos usually in Florida is higher than anywhere else in the country.

Apparently, Barnhill was always interested in the culture of the American Indians. At some point he met Edward S. Curtis Known photographer of the American West when he was a teenager. Working with Curtis, Barnhill learned the gentle " gold "The photographic process using uranium dyes and he experimented with this process from 1914 until the mid-1920s., It is quite obvious in the color schemes used on a large number of his images.

During the Second World War Barnhill founded an Indian trading post in the state of Wisconsin, who ruled during the summer months until 1959. A few years later he opened " Museum of Indian sources ".

Esmund D. Barnhill died in 1987 at the age of 93 years.

Recommended reading You can also try to find a book on the secondary market under the name " Florida "The Golden Age of souvenirs: 1890-1930" Larry Roberts. This book includes a section on Barnihil and Harris Florida color photos.

What is GeoTargeting?

There are many large companies that are in series with the & # 39; appear on the first page for a general search. The easiest way to compete – is to capture the local market with the help of geo-targeting. Geographical targeting – targeting this audience in a specific area. If you are a company selling computer & # 39; yuterav in Green Bay, WI, you want to get high rankings in the search engines for such searches as "Sale of computer & # 39; yuterav Green Bay" or "Computer deals Wisconsin."

If you want to look for a web designer to develop a business based on the Wisconsin & # 39; site can start by searching for "Design". Experience has shown that the results on the first page of a search query would be too broad and generally uninteresting. In this case, you make the search more specific term, such as "Wisconsin". The results would have been much more specific, but if you search for yourself, you will notice once again that there is included too much irrelevant information. Let's say you are in the city Manitavk, Virginia.

Now your search will probably be something like "Web Design Manitowoc WI." In your results will show local businesses on design in Manitovku, IA area in which deVision design will be included. It proved, as most searches are conducted. Users typically search is conducted; the results are too broad, and the term continues to be limited to specific interests or locations until the proper results will be reflected. Geatargantyng – a method of search engine optimization (SEO).

Adjustments need to be made in the code of your website to make a geographic target a specific region. Changes should only be performed by trained professionals at SEO.

Yamaha SRX 700 Hauck Powersports Top Gun Snowmobile

SRX 700 Yamaha – it's the last two cycles of snowmobiles that I ever owned … but it was a beauty!

I do not have enough stock, so I called my friends at Hauck Power Sports in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. They hooked me up to a set of Top Gun, which, in essence, a & # 39 is a boring engine to 800 cubic meters. See coated with new piston rings, seal, and refitted ported cylinders and modified heads.

Add the mixture of V-Force Reeds, bottles set to increase fuel to balance the flow of fuel between 38 TMX carbohydrates under strong stress.

In order to use all of this new capacity were added and racing muffler pipe with a special secondary clutch Hauck Magnum …

Racing Hauck Powersports SRX 700

I said that I never told anyone what was under the hood? This was the most fun part of my friends snowmobiles. For everyone else it looked margin. It sounded in stock, but looked at the warehouse.

I ran a few new 4-cyclic the Yamaha RX1 on the open lake, and while the RX1 took me to the first eighth of a mile, my highly modified SRX 700 beat the RX1 after we crossed the 90 miles per hour. About 117 MPH, I began to be frightened, and produced gas … only to realize that it took less than 7 seconds. Talk about adrenaline!

Suspension to rescue suspension on M-10 snowmobile

In order to increase comfort and allow me to change the properties of the suspension, while out on the trail, I added a suspension of M-10 (currently they produce M-12), which is manufactured by "Fast, Inc.". The power plant has been a nice addition, but the M-10 made the car perfect.

My approval for Pauersporta

In Wisconsin, experts in performance Yamaha snowmobiles are not smarter than the people in Hauck Powersports. I do not work for them, but I am a happy customer. They are not cheap, but they are – experts on Yamaha sleds.

Additional Information:

The only recommendation I have for those who might try to build a machine Hauck Power Sports in the amount of 15 thousand dollars, as I have done: miss carb "raising a bottle." I'm not sure that it gave the real characteristics, but it added carping review throttle when the engine was cold.

Unfortunately, last year I sold a couple of his Yamaha SRX, to make room for my first 4-cycle snowmobile: Yamaha RX Warrior. Bender Turbocharger … here I come.

Used cars and lemon law

Lemon law was formulated to help consumers who buy defective vehicles, commonly known as the lemons. Thus, a lemon – a vehicle that has not responded to at least four times for repairs in accordance with the law of the lemon. You'll know that a vehicle with a & # 39 is a lemon if it does not provide services for more than 30 days, which need not be consecutive. The Law on lemon covers new cars, trucks, motorcycles and home. Used cars, mopeds and trailers – are some of the vehicles that are not subject to the law of the Wisconsin lemon. If you are confident that you and & # 39; the owner of the car with a lemon in Wisconsin, there are several steps that you need to follow, and they include the following.

Naturally, the first thing you do is take care of the repair shop. You must be careful to keep each repair order, or any other relevant document about repairs. At this particular time we need to be careful to not change anything in the vehicle. It will continue long way to ensure that the manufacturer does not accuse you of changes. After that, you will need to write to the manufacturer and inform him of the problems with the vehicle. You will give him the opportunity to correct a lemon. Wisconsin lemon law on requires you to give the manufacturer a reasonable period to repair the car.

If the repair fails, the car dealer or manufacturer must provide a replacement or refund. If they make an offer, you can accept or refuse. However, if they do not want to do anything, your next option – to achieve justice in the arbitration program available. The program pursued by the manufacturer, it is worth a try, and all you have to do is present your case and rules of intermediary. You may feel that arbitration may not be fair, but the idea is that you are expressing their concerns that need to be weighed mediator. If you feel that the program does not work, you just have to pass it.

The second program, you should consider – is a program that is funded by the government, and it will be an informal hearing, which will give you a forum to express their views and present your case well. Many cases is a decision at this stage, and it would not be wise to ignore them. Some of the advantages of using this informal dispute resolution methods is that they do not cost a lot of money and, unlike court proceedings, they do not require much time. It is therefore advisable to try every option before you go to court. If you do not get a positive decision with all the options, you can file a civil lawsuit. Therefore, you will need to guide a good lawyer who can guide you to get the justice you want

Bubb & Grub – looking for the best BBQ in Tucson? Try Bubb & Grub!

You are looking for the best barbecue in Tucson and possibly in Arizona? Bubb & Grub award serves barbecue everyday and comfortable atmosphere. Bubb & Grub not only offers standard cafeteria service, but also has a full service bar. Also invited to visit and catering. I order take out as part of my Monday to Thursday. I have never disappointed.

Who suspects that some of the best Texas barbecue is actually cooked here in Southern Arizona? Among other favorite barbecue with the 1990s the owner evidently served one of the best beef grudinak, pork and ribs.

From what I read, the owner began to cook barbecue rewarded in his home state of Wisconsin, before moving to its present location in Catalina, Arizona. He has received several awards for his barbecue sauces, and in Las Vegas, Nevada, Arizona, St. Louis Louis Missouri, as well as in his home state of Wisconsin, according to several articles on the Internet.

Arizona and Wisconsin far from Texas, but one taste of slow cooked beef brisket, and you klyanutsesya that you were in Texas Hill County. Beef brisket, pork, ribs and hot links – the best of them, regardless of the location.

Dan has not forgotten its roots and offers WI Fry Fry on Friday night. Supporters of the Green Bay Packers also find Bubb & Grub home. Bubb & Grub also offers sports fans viewing the large screen in the restaurant "Big Ten Salon".

Bubb & Gubb – it's all about the food. Prices are reasonable and portions are generous. My favorite, of course, two meat combo with brisket and pork outstretched. Sausage cabbage is also very tasty and perfectly kamplimentue barbecue.

I found that the atmosphere in the restaurant relaxed and relaxed, reflecting the slow pace of Catalina Arizona. Removal of the dough – it's fast and efficient, and the staff is always friendly. Thus, if you like kebab and find yourself near Tucson, go north to Bubb & Grub. You will not win.

Planning of scientific and Ca & # 39; ernaga growth – the need for K-12

Loan student loan today is about $ 1.3 trillion. Studies show that many graduates 30-40-year colleges will have a lower standard of living than their parents, and can not buy a house because of one – student loan debt. Seventy percent of all jobs require a two-year degree or less, but we shakes mantra that the car & # 39; EPA and success in school are going to achieve the notorious four-year bachelor's degree. In other words, we encourage our students to lay their future higher education that may not be necessary. Why?

The annual survey of Manpower talent shortage lists the top 10 jobs that companies can not fill. Most require a level of education of the two-year degree or less. about breaking skills University of Wisconsin and Milwaukee report shows that 70% of prospective jobs in Wisconsin require a level of education with a high school diploma or less, and then he said in 2020: "Even if every unemployed person is perfectly matched to the existing jobs more 2/3 of all unemployed remain without work. "Why?

When I talk to the car & # 39 planning sessions; sphere in high school, I ask, who is considering a two-year degree, diploma or apprenticeship. Between five and six percent of students answered "yes." The rest of the students show that they are looking at a college offering four years. Then we work with the regions exciting car & # 39; EASURES. Ninety-five percent of them only require a two-year degree or less to enter the field of favorites. Only from 7 to 9% of high school graduates enter the school. The average age of students of technical college – 30. Why?

Milwaukee certain demographic groups is from 30 to 50%. Employers are starving for skilled employees. Technical colleges are unable to attract a sufficient number of students to meet the demand for highly skilled workers, and the number of students in technical colleges of Wisconsin has decreased by 10%. Why?

For many years we have talked to students, so that they did not go out of the trade, in factories, in the area of ​​customer service and the car & # 39; sphere in the sphere of information technologies, because they were exposed to outsourcing or were at an impasse. Now they are all on the top of the survey Manpower shortage of talent. We tell our children for two years, you need to successfully. You can even hear "every job will require of higher degree in the future", although the data do not confirm this. Why?

Students choose a car & # 39; a career for the wrong reasons. Their father was buhgaltaram; on TV it looks cool; He pays a lot of money – not because it suits their personal interests and characteristics. My classes are full of students from the college steps, which did not like the choice of car & # 39; EASURES either now need practical skills to get a job, they are not taken at the existing level. It is nothing but nonsense and very expensive! Seventy percent of all American employees come to work every day, they do not like. Why?

As soon as an independent sound sounds, the expression above is just there, but if you combine them, they get a very different context. Why we are pushing our children to receive a four-year college degree, when for the most current and future jobs will require education level the two-year degree or less? We all believe that a four-year college degree is a sign of success, but for many it will be a ball and chain, which will drag with them all my life.

We need to rethink the whole concept of higher education, its value and the one who really need it. Not everyone needs formal education after high school. We need to look at the processes of car & # 39; ernaga and academic planning used in our schools to ensure that parents, students and consultants really understand the educational and car & # 39; erny landscape, their capabilities, costs and deadlines. We must make sure that students know what a car & # 39; EPA corresponds to their personal characteristics, and encourage them to do the car & # 39; a career in these fields. Students need to understand the labor market, which car & # 39; EPA is in great demand and that longevity. Today, graduates will work more than 50 years before they can retire. We need industry to step up and invest in training, shadowing jobs and opportunities of student sponsorship, which focus on areas with high unemployment, as well as in secondary schools, where students are literally brainwashed from kindergarten, and college four years, he was the only hope success.

Finally, students should understand the concept car & # 39; ernaga way, starting with a two-year degree or diploma, getting work experience, receive additional education (it is desirable that the employer pays), take on more responsibility in the workforce, earn more money, and then he goes. It is called lifelong learning. Remember that no matter what level you are and where the campaign – if you have no experience, you start with an entry-level position, as no one starts at the top. Thus, guided by the minimum education required to get an entry level job in an area that matches your personality and interests. Do not drink excessively with student loans and not retrained himself.

Eating curds and whey

Nursery rhymes are often hundreds of years old, and their values ​​are not clear, but simply repeated or sung by young children. In the case of "Little Miss Clutch" she eats a centuries-old traditional version of curd and whey, which is a & # 39 is your basic cheese, perhaps a meal, which shows this rhyme. Cottage cheese is drained, but the serum remains, leaving some loose tvarozhynki. and the acidity is removed to achieve a sweet and pleasant taste.

Cheese curds – a necessary component in syrovarade, which also can be fried for a snack or appetizer. This cheese – is solid pieces and yogurt made from pasteurized fresh milk in the making of cheese after a bacterial culture and an acidic substance like lemon juice is added to cause coagulation (curdled). For convenience, hlebapyakartsy often "raw" milk, to get sugar when making muffins, pancakes or pastries. Vinegar or lemon juice – the most common additive, but a century ago used rennet raw materials (the lining of the stomach with a cow). Then it is cut into cubes and the result is a mixture of serum (liquid), and cottage cheese. This mixture is prepared and drained for separating whey from curd, creating the final product of cheese curd. Typically, mild flavor, fresh cheese squeaks when they bite, characteristic of the air entering into the porous material. In the country of India a popular alternative to meat & # 39 is the breading, which is widely used in the traditional main dishes and rice beryani. It resembles tofu and has a mild, but pleasant taste and texture. (Well, more than you wanted to know.)

Although cheese tvarozhyny should ideally be consumed fresh, they can be purchased in local supermarkets across the country. The most common cheese with & # 39 is a young cheddar. In Wisconsin cheese factory daily drive them to meet the demand, and produced since the mid-1800s, when the product began in cheesemaking dairy American country, when Swiss and German immigrants brought their skills and recipes to the Midwest. Today it is a popular snack in the state. Wisconsin produces more than 2 billion pounds of cheese per year. That's a lot of cheese.

A popular snack in the state of Wisconsin (not surprisingly), they have enjoyed over the years with wine or beer, but now spread throughout the country, especially at county and state fairs, where they are usually fried. They can be purchased at many local supermarkets.

So, Miss M was sitting on a chair, eating cheese until the spider is not of & # 39; s came and spoiled things. It should explain any confusion you since childhood. These days she is likely to coat the cheese curds and drink a soft drink. Now go, roast and enjoy.

Swine flu A-H1N1, probably originated in the US lab

If in April 2009 with the & # 39 appeared the first cases of swine influenza A / H1N1, it is widely believed that the novel influenza originated in Mexico. By the end of June, when the data have not been able to confirm the origin of the Mexican, a new theory has assumed that the A / H1N1 comes from Asia and unintentionally transpartavalasya using nothing padazravalnaga people in North America. Perhaps it is not so. Instead, although not confirmed, that the A / H1N1 – is a genetically engineered creature that emerged in the United States, in particular, in the laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin, who accidentally escaped through any contamination.

Evidence of this scenario convincing:

1. Prior to the outbreak of A / H1N1 Institute of Molecular Virology (IMV), located in Boca laboratories (under the leadership of Wisconsin-Madison State University) participated in the study, the ability to transfer vaccine production. This study included a reverse genetic engineering of tissue sample that was extracted from dead intuitskay woman who succumbed to Spanish flu, which killed up to 50 million people during the pandemic of 1918-19 years.

2. The current version of the A / H1N1 – is "extraordinarily unusual virus," which had never before combined with the genetic material of North American human, avian and swine flu and Eurasian swine flu. (1) This combination of unprecedentedly never been found in pigs, birds and humans in the "Associated Press", and probably with a & # 39 came naturally. Given that there is not a close relative of the current strain and IMV mission – to carry out virological research and training at the molecular level – is taken into account, the creation with the help of artificial genetic engineering offers the best explanation.

3. Australian researcher Adrian Gibbs retired, who has played a leading role in the development of highly effective anti-influenza drug Tamiflu®, theorize May 12, 2009, that the new strain of A / H1N1, probably escaped from the laboratory, because in the course of vaccine research, he showed characteristics "experienced" accelerated evolution ", for example, what happens when flu viruses are trying to adapt to the growth of the egg." (2) Although the World Health Organization (WHO) is rapidly eliminated Mr. Gibbs & # 39; A day later, through the theory improbable that enough research to determine the output can be completed in just 24 hours.

4. If the existence of the A / H1N1 has been firmly established in the United States until May 10, 2009, in Wisconsin and Illinois was nearly a third of the country. Since then, the stretch of Wisconsin led the nation in spite of the population of 5627967 at the end of July 2008 compared to the big states – California, Texas, New York, Illinois and even Michigan, with a population of 36,755,666 in July 2008, 24 326,974, 19,490,297, 12,901,533 and 10,003,422, respectively. . By June 12, 2009, when it was instituted dispersion, Wisconsin and Illinois are still accounted for more than a quarter of cases in the United States. Demographically speaking, this disproportionate burden has little meaning. However, if Madison, WI is regarded as a point of origin on the two-state load provides consistent evidence of the virus & # 39; creation. If the A / H1N1, is likely to run off with IMV, he immediately affected by the surrounding city and the nearest places, including Illinois (since a significant number of viskonsinitav daily ride in this state), before the spread in Mexico (probably transmitted citizen US Farms with pigs grunge Carol located in La Gloria, where there was the first case of a / H1N1, is a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods American company), other parts of the United States and eventually much of the rest of the world.

Bulletins for Disease Control (CDC):

10.10.2009: Wisconsin: 357 cases (14.1% of the national load); Illinois: 466 cases (18.4% of the national load)

12.12.2009: WI: 3008 cases (16.8% of national load); Illinois: cases in 1983 (11.1% of the national load)

5. To date version of pandemic swine A / H1N1 influenza in 2009 has not been recognized as endemic in the world's stocks of pigs that reduce the natural mutation and the initial transmission theory pig man. In addition, none of the pig stocks in Wisconsin without testing positive on the novel A / H1N1, which is currently suffering in the world.

6. Statements and actions indicate previous knowledge. On April 25, 2009, when a new strain of A / H1N1 has been officially revealed only three states (11 cases), CDC high official, Dr. Anne Shuchat said: "We do not think that we can curb the spread of this virus.". By April 28, 2009, Vice President Joseph Biden ruled out quarantine in Mexico, citing the limited benefits as the "swine flu virus (already) has penetrated into many states" (64 cases in 5 states). Immediate quarantine when the April 23, 2009 news surfaced about the outbreak of A / H1N1 in Mexico, most likely, has not been implemented because the CDC and the highest US government officials have warned of an accidental escape from the IMV and subsequent unconfirmed and undocumented infections. Quarantine had little sense, since the cases in the United States grew rapidly because such a step would probably have caused suspicion, if such cases will be confirmed and communicated.

7. Samples of the virus A / H1N1 were in CDC until Mexican samples. In an interview with & # 39; nd conducted Science Direct (published April 29, 2009) at the CDC virologist Ruben Donis – CDC completed the sequence of the novel strain of A / H1N1 or two weeks before April 15, 2009 – three days before Mexican officials sent swab samples. headquarters in Atlanta for testing.

On the basis of convincing facts, above, there is convincing evidence that the outbreak of swine influenza A / H1N1, which has led to the first declaration of a pandemic by WHO 41, was created synthetically and can probably be attributed to the IMV & # 39; th lab in Madison, WI. As a result, the average risk, based on the characteristics and the potential threat of A / H1N1, especially for the generation that never bore a pandemic, and those who were formerly medical conditions (asthma and other respiratory disorders, diabetes, heart problems, Violations immunodeficiency, and pregnancy, if they are to name a few), the immune system which is ill-prepared or equipped to recognize and deal with the new strain, respectively, should be taken suras & # 39; ozna. When writing this article, this is not done (for example, the Ministry of Health of New York City said on its website more June 25, 2009 – "Most of the flu cases do not need to be checked for H1N1" Despite the fact that the seasonal flu. gone for the summer, the suspected cases of emergency can not be separated, that contribute to contamination, etc.). Continuation if you do not, may result in 1 million (based on .25% of deaths from the available WHO estimates that up to one third of the world's population may be infected) to 25 million or more deaths, as people will be treated much more disease (after both developed suras & # 39; serious complications) and / or if the virus mutates into a more deadly form, which leads to death + 1%, which is exhibited in Argentina, a country that has just entered the winter season.


(1) Donald G. McNeil Jr. The new theory of swine flu began in Asia, but not in Mexico. The New York Times. June 24, 2009

(2) Now experts on influenza, which deal with cases of swine flu, have evolved in a laboratory. May 12, 2009. June 24 2009.

additional source

Wayne Medsen. Hybrid A / H1N1 virus is associated with a genetic trigger for greater mutavanay version. Internet magazine. June 24, 2009 June 24, 2009

On Sunday afternoon gently slips

My sister Carol, bless her heart, spends many Sunday afternoon with my mom. My brothers Jim and Rick are there on Saturday, and they mow her lawn and taken to the shop and the library so that she could continue his great book for a week.

Within a week she goes to take out the car and a few blocks to the grocery store when she needed a couple of things, and it's certainly a scary thought for most of us, except her. But everything looks different, and it retains its independence.

Thus, while I was in Wisconsin, I had the opportunity to participate in the extravaganza of colors on Sunday, along with her sister and my mom.

Kennel in Wisconsin is three times more than any kindergarten next to me in California. They have, and greens, and vegetables, and flowers series. It's overwhelming. I had to call Carol on his cell phone to find her in this place, since I met them and did not come with them.

In vain. There are a few months to plant and enjoy the garden in Wisconsin and everyone can give up his long, delayed need to be outside with her hands in the earth.

So there we took part in the painstaking process of choosing the right colors for the two hanging baskets for the porch of my mother. Well, we are well included in the geranium, but they had to be the last geranium. Thus, we have found some that were right. Then my mother had to choose. This is not a small matter. Carol handed her a gift certificate to a nursery at Christmas, and my mother wanted to choose the right plant with the desired number of buds that looked properly for hanging baskets. And we had two of them to fill. It was decided that each hanging baskets should be at three plants. All right. Then my mother remembered that last summer in a hanging basket plant was, she liked, but she could not remember what it is. We filed and medicine, Carol, and my mother thought and thought. It was asparagus fern. With the help of one of the nursery assistants with red shirts, we managed to find a few lines, placing new plants to replace those that have been chosen for purchase. Lo and behold, it was a perfect complement.

So we had to go back and put all these things, as well as the lily, and other things that we have decided on this path.

My cousin Mary and her two daughters in college, Gemini Libby and Sarah, with & # 39 appeared after we returned to my mother, and it was a pleasure. Thus, we have planted and chatted, and pretty soon these hanging baskets looked pretty good, and lilies were in the ground and watered all, and on Sunday afternoon gently slipped.