Black Cadillac (2003)

black Cadillac It is a thriller film 2003, a common MTI Home Video, International Look International and Art View Entertainment. It involves Randy Quaid, Charlie Harmon, Shane Johnson as Scott, Josh Hammond as CJ and Jason Doryng as Robbie. Script writers – John Murlovski and Mark Aldis. Director – John Murlovski.

Three boys, Scott, George and Robbie, stop in a country house on the way back to Wisconsin to Minnesota. They come into the fight and come out of the bar. Soon a black car, Cadillac, begins to follow them. After some time they pick up the deputy sheriff Charlie Harmon, whose car it was lost. He believes that black Caddy wants to drag race and challenge the driver to the children & # 39; machine, Scott. Then Scott, believing that Charlie was the reason that the machine is behind them, expels him from the car. Obviously, the deputy was killed. But the car continues to haunt boys and seemingly becoming more hostile. The boys begin to fear for their lives.

black Cadillac slightly based on the true story. But here it is necessary to emphasize the word "loose". Director John Morlovski survived like this event. As a rule, if it is stated that the film is based on a true story, the story usually has some historical significance, not just an ordeal of one of the directors. For example, the icon slyasha Freddie Kreyger was based on the bully from school by Wes Craven. In this sense, it was impossible to say A Nightmare on Elm Street vaguely it was based on something real? All fictional works, whether it is movies or books, some are based on truth. Using this logic, it is almost every story is not "based on a true story"?

Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, black Cadillac still a great movie. Through black road rural Wisconsin Black Cadillac Three hip young people. Getting the story in the middle of winter in the south-west only added to the tension. Like many natives of the Midwest, I'm afraid to have problems with the car in the middle of nowhere in the winter. Cold, ice and snow roads, and in the dark it is difficult to see. This is generally a very unpleasant experience. These boys had an additional heat (pun not intended), supported on their black Caddy, which podvorovyvali them. Due to the constant advancement of the enemy machine, they had to have a lot of pressure on the engine of his car, increasing the chances of occurrence of problems later on, and obviously they can not overtake Cadillac on foot.

wrap, black Cadillac a constant thrill from beginning to end. This will keep viewers on the edge of their seats!

Graduate, diploma and alcohol: What should parents do?

I come prom season, and soon it will be graduation season, as well as the celebration of the milestones and, where converge adolescence and adulthood. We are pleased, however, comes the temptation to include drinks for adults. And parents are often victims of a bait, as teenagers, they are obliged to protect.

Wisconsin family are particularly at risk. Our state has the highest rate of juvenile of alcoholic beverages in the country: about half of all high school students have used alcohol, and a third has gone at least once. And in La Crosse most common violation of the law with the & # 39 is a minor consumption of alcohol.

To keep children safe from legal consequences, not to mention the troubles and pain to a greater extent, what might happen if minors consume alcohol, here are some important tips for parents and children.

  • Know the rules. In Wisconsin, parents can provide their children with alcohol, but no other minors. This means that if you spend a party where alcohol is served to children other than your own, you are breaking the law. Even if you do not provide alcohol, if you do not take measures to combat it, you will still be responsible.
  • Understand the penalties. Punishment in Wisconsin for providing alcohol to minors start at $ 500 for the first offense and may reach up to 10 000 dollars, the term of imprisonment for nine months, and license suspension. Worse yet, if a child is injured or killed as a result of the use of alcoholic beverages at your party, you can carry emotional consequences on the rest of his life.
  • Avoid the "open party". Do you have a guest list and follow it. Do not allow your child to send invitations by e-mail, Facebook, or other means, where it can distribute large group of people. If you really invite a large number of guests, greet other parents to help Schaper.
  • Do not let guests return. When guests leave the party, do not let them come back. Perhaps, they & # 39; went to get a drink.
  • Remove the alcohol from the spot. Perhaps you have in the fridge has a fine collection of wine or beer, but before the party or close it completely, remove from the premises.
  • Take precautions when you leave town. If you are traveling out of town, stop for a responsible adult with a child, or ask one or more people to stop frequently and randomly. It is also a good idea to ask the local police department keep track of things and tell your child that you did it.
  • Whether the parent father. If your child is going to a party, call other parents and find out what their plans are. Ask if they will be there all the time, and ask them to tell you when the children go somewhere else. With your own child set a strict curfew and calling on her at the time with you. Hello face to face, when she comes home, lead to the n & # 39; e it.
  • Emphasize the "do not drink and does not control." Give your child know that a top priority with the & # 39 is his health and well-being, and he can call you at any time come to him and take him safely home. Point out that nothing is more important than not to drink and drive and do not get into a car with someone under the influence.

If you need to make note that underage drinking alters the production of important hormones, including estrogen, testosterone and human growth hormone, and disrupts brain development and function. More precisely, it impairs the ability to learn from the young people who abuse alcohol. Next minors were drinking costs Wisconsin approximately $ 1.6 billion each year due to traffic accidents, property crimes, injuries and violence.

National Company Parents who take all, loses the most, talking about it and says it best. Taking into account the possible consequences, you should ask yourself: Is this worth?

The history of the sugar companies' advertising sword "1903-1955 gg

One hundred years ago, Menominee, Michigan, located far from the world's financial centers, as well as today, however, is located directly in the middle of one of the hottest business boom of the early twentieth century – sugar. Small community who dared to land mark in the global commerce takes later point of land which plunges into Lake Michigan at the point, which is in close proximity to Wisconsin, that cartography curled finger at the decisive moment of a finger. in Wisconsin instead of Michigan.

On the east by the Green Bay Packers, arm of Lake Michigan and the south-west – the river Menominee. In 1903, many investors in the beet sugar industry had the wood and is therefore considered that the very river that was once delivered to the sawmill logs could also serve the needs of beet sugar factory, which uses more about & # 39; water volumes. Combustion beet factory, washing them and removing them from sugar. Sugar factory can easily put three million gallons of water for the use of every twenty-four hours. Barges may export sugar beets from the fields of the farm, and the trucks can transport goods to market. The presence of Menominee river has convinced investors that the Menominee could compete with the sugar producer in the country, despite the negative comments naysayerav, who said Menominee was too far to the north in order to successfully grow sugar beets.

In nasayerav was the point. Michigan, Michigan, unlikely place to build beet sugar factory. The growing season is at the western end of Michigan's Upper Peninsula at approximately forty days shorter than in beet growing regions in the state of Lower Peninsula. Short season may prevent the maturation of beet, which further reduce the sugar content of the beet immature, ill-prepared to stress the crushing process. Severe frosts in early spring not from the & # 39 are uncommon and almost always fatal for the young beet harvest. Frosts can also come in the early fall, which may make it impossible to harvest. The farmer lost his entire crop, or at the beginning of the growing season or at harvest time after he invested heavily in the reduction of sugar beet harvest. Investors, however, in Menominee, as in many cities of Michigan, as a rule, reduced income from farmers before building a factory, and is often attributed to an exaggerated admiration for several manufacturers as introducing a wider agricultural community. Quite often, as in the case Menominee &, as it turned out, a handful did not represent the whole.

Official recognition by the US Department of Agriculture in 1898, the importance of the sugar beet industry has caused the construction of plants of sugar beet for the whole country. A year earlier, the country boasts only ten plants of sugar beet, four of which were in California, one in Utah, two in Nebraska and three in New York. Construction of seven plants of sugar beet in 1898 for the first time in the spotlight was the rapid excitation, unlike dot boom that flourished nearly a hundred years. The idea that sugar produced from sugar beet, can compete with sugar, produced from sugarcane, has developed into a full-fledged boom until 1900, when the nationwide number of plants of sugar beet was thirty-two in eleven states.

Nowhere was hotter than in Michigan, where nine plants followed the successful launch of the factory in Eseksvile, Michigan, a suburb of Bay City. Explosion cyclonic enthusiasm caused a furious fight, when investors, builders, bankers and farmers about the & # 39; combined energy and skills to revive the eight plants in one year! They were in Holland, Kalamazoo, Rochester, Benton Harbor, Alma, West Bay City, Caro and the second factory in Eseksvile. Despite the lack of factories, designers and engineers in their operation over the next six years on the outskirts of Michigan towns grew fourteen additional factories, one of which is & # 39; appeared in Menominee in 1903.

The Menominee group of investors who have not decided the natural disadvantages and deceived encouragement from influential investors and experienced experts, undertook a plan to support the economic viability of the city after the rapid death of the timber industry, which had previously provided the foundations Menominee economy. The plan included the design of one of the largest and most modern factories of sugar beet, which is a & # 39 appeared in the United States so far.

As soon as the early 20th century, the era of lumber, railroad tracks, which came into its own because of the wood, looking for new sources of revenue. Chief among them was the railway to Detroit and Makintsyne, land agent Charles M. Garrison collect and distribute information about the potential of the sugar beet industry. While Garnisan spread the word among the financiers of Detroit of the future profits of sugar beet, the communities that were affected by the reduction of lumber, treated area resources for ways to add wealth. They had something to work with. The state was to cross railway lines and rivers, and some remained at the expense of funds from the lumber era. If Garrysan leading the way, investors have recovered. Society who want to find a quick replacement for timber, hastened to attend the meetings, which were held Garnisanam, and most still lead their cities in the folds. All that it was necessary to convince farmers to grow beets. It is here joined the Michigan Agricultural College (now the Michigan State University).

The farmers of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Agricultural College are encouraged to produce sugar beet test sites received an even bigger shot in the arm the visit of the Secretary of Agriculture James Wilson in 1902. The climate was not put to the decision of profitable crops. Wilson worked for three presidential offices – McKinley, Roosevelt and Taft, who had served longer (1897-1913), than any other official of the Cabinet. He called modern farming techniques, including transport and education, if they apply to agriculture. His word carried great weight. When he spoke of the sugar beet, some farmers listened, and when his agency was avoided that the cold northern temperatures do not hinder the development of industry in their neighborhood, investors, farmers and manufacturers lined up to start work in Menominee.

Optimism rose to new heights when the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the favorable results of the test plot of sugar beet. News of sugar beet by 15 December 1903 reported the results of tests of beet delivered about 140 farmers. The audit showed that the sugar is from 15.6 to 19.9%, which means the monetary value for farmers per hectare from 5.70 to 7.13 dollars per ton (inflation is 135- $ 169 with the current period). Under such target prices, no yield in the history of mankind has not created a potential for the creation of such a high yield with so few hectares.

On the Lower Peninsula farmer with a higher average power, posted fifteen hectares of sugar beet, could earn more than 800 dollars, and if he had something & # 39; I have provided the bulk of the labor force, the net profit would exceed the concern for the needs of the family & # 39; and . for the year, including food, was less than 800 dollars. After adding the income from crop rotation and income from milk, eggs and poultry standard of living of the family farms moved from survival level to the subsistence level. compared with those who held senior positions in the industry. USDA data support the view that the beets in the Upper Peninsula to exceed two per cent on average for all the other 18 plants of sugar beet in the Lower Peninsula.

If the tests were reliable indicators, Menominee region beets cost up to $ 10 more per acre than beet lower peninsula, providing a profit of nearly $ 1,000 a year just from sugar beet.

While the enthusiasm was on the rise, for laying an agreement was needed something more. To unuryts assured potential investors that technical expertise is at hand, Benjamin Butel, who won fame as the captain of the tug and the captain of industry, came to Menominee from his state headquarters Michigan, Michigan, for the sole purpose of attracting interested investors. the county Bay, where you could see well-groomed beet fields and efficient factories that produce white crystal sugar. Eleven potential investors accompanied Boutell in Bay City, where there were compelling evidence. In this city of four sugar beet plant were built, more than any other city in the United States. Bay City nearly took the economic activity due to the presence of sugar factories. Mansions living former lumber, which turned into sugar barons, littered the prestigious city center Avenue.

Boutell announced that it will be one of the investors, provided that other investors do not object to the plant designed and installed by Joseph Kilby, who, Boutell said, was an excellent designer of beet sugar factories in the United States. Many others agreed with the assessment Boutell; Kilby built nine of the possible twenty-four plants built in Michigan. Local investors are lined up Boutell, to organize tsukarnuyu company "Menominee River". It highlights a dozen major supporters, each of whom signed up for the amount of more than 25 000 dollars, which is on the company's shares Menominee River Sugar Company.

Topping the list of local shareholders Samuel M. Stephenson, a former producer of lumber and a native of New Brunswick, Canada, which has created a house for himself, his wife Jenny and their four daughters and one son in Menominee. Then he was seventy-one years, but it was not set up to retirement. After a successful car & # 39; sphere in lumber and banking, he served three consecutive terms in Congress (11th District of Michigan 1889-93 and the 12th District 1893-97). He invested $ 100 000 (by modern standards, $ 2 million) in a sugar factory, fascinated not only favorable test results and the enthusiasm of its neighbors, but also the interest that showed American corporation sugar rafinalogii widely known popular her then sobriquet, The Sugar Trust. A few years later Sugar Trust came into disfavor as a result of accusations of unfair business practices, but in 1903 he had confidence in the general public and investors, as well as control the production and sale of 98% of sugar consumed in the US States. The leaders of the trusts, Arthur and Charles R. Donaire Heike, invested $ 300 thousand to buy a 36% stake in the Menominee River Sugar Company.

All members of the board of directors and a list of officers, except for residents of Bay City Benjamin Butelya, Menominee listed as their home account. Menominee residents accounted for 74% of the shareholders. Together they controlled 53% shares. Besides Stevenson, other large shareholders, who also took office as officers or directors were William O. Carpenter, who invested $ 55,000 and held the sugar company in many ways, as the president and vice president. Gustav A. Blesh invested 15,000 dollars and served as treasurer. John Hennes, the owner of the brewery, invested $ 25 000, and Acting Director. Spy in August was the second largest investor after Stevenson and the Sugar Trust. He also served as director.

Spies give a perfect example of the hardy pioneer spirit that prevailed in Menominee. He was a native of the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, where the fertile soil and the mild climate allows to produce grain and wine. He participated in the establishment of the National Bank of Stevenson, in partnership with the future US Congressman Samuel M. Stephenson and his brother Samuel, a future US Senator Isaac Stevenson. In addition, he had company "Spy Timber" and several large tracts of forest; he was an investor in the First National Bank of Menominee, paper company Marinette and Menominee and president of Menominee Light, Railroad and Power Company. If the company is to develop sugar began to act, he went ahead with the 75,000 dollars ($ 1.5 million in current dollars).

Support Menominee wealthy class, which is also shared by the difference in making good business decisions and increase according to their own merits, not by inheritance, was so great that there was no need to raise funds from the public. With the signed shares at $ 35,000 equity firm Menominee River Sugar was in the enviable position of having sufficient capital for their businesses. Not only does it have sufficient capital, but also enjoyed the added benefit of the experience of Benjamin Butelya and representatives of the Sugar Trust. Menominee would not want technical or business expertise.

Gustav Blesh as August Spy, owes its success to the hereditary qualities of hard work, honesty and respect of their peers. He became the first treasurer of the sugar companies. He was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1859, the son of Francis Blesha, a native of Germany, and Antoinette Schneider, a native of Belgium. Gustav became a young man from the office of the National Bank of Kellogg Green Bay, which was up to twenty years. he moved in five years in Menominee, to help create the first national bank Menominee, where he became a cashier before becoming president of the bank. He became president of the company Menominee Brick, vice president of Menominee-Marinette Light & Traction Company and treasurer of the ground campaign of the peninsula.

In January 1903, the newly elected Board of Directors approved the construction plant for the construction of factories and building Kilby at $ 800,000 (nearly $ 19 million in the current era), which allowed to cut 1,000 tons of beets per day. With 48 sugar beet factories that operated in the United States in 1903, only two were larger than new factory Menominee, one in Salinas, California, and the second in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The average sugar factory in Michigan in 1903, could cut six hundred tons of beets per twenty-four hours. Four thousand acres of beets could easily have provided the factory season. If investors surveyed farmers first, they would be advised to build a smaller plant and could have persuaded him not to build. Farmers were getting beets about 1500 hectares, 9000 hectares is not enough to finance investment.

The first plant for Menominee plant (referred to as "the company" in the sugar industry) quickly ended, receiving only 14,263 tons, enough to make fourteen days for the factory, which investors had planned to work at least. one hundred days. However, farmers have filed a beet, containing the largest amount of sugar, which was reported in any of the company during the first campaign, to 15.04 percent – about 20 percent, than the national average, and is sufficient to provide a small income from the scanty supply of sugar beet. Like almost all the factories, the records that have informed us of the profits when it was earned during the first campaign, did not survive the passage of time. However, it would be wise to calculate based on known costs for the supply of coal, coke, limestone and labor costs, earnings of 36,000 dollars has been made, especially in the management style that closely paid attention to costs, especially in light of the very a high percentage of sugar beet.

The second campaign was better with a sufficient amount of beet for a month, it is still insufficient supply, necessary to make a profit, it is sufficient to justify the investment. By 1911, local supply reached a level that would allow a steady income, but was insufficient to promote the expansion, a condition that lasted until 1926, when apathy manufacturers decreased to a level that requires closing the factory until 1933, when she again It opened for the final run of twenty years, during which the factory is behind the industry in technology and growth. From year to year, due to an insufficient number of beets, which are grown in Wisconsin, malazadeynichanaya factory finished his company a few weeks earlier than was necessary for a healthy profit, then that could be reinvested in the factory. Investors participating learned, like many other investors of a sugar factory, the mantra "build it and they will come" fell on deaf ears among farmers, who often showed a greater understanding of sugar economy than investors.

Time does not bring any harm nor good Menominee factory, because it was not able to expand and modernize. It settled into graceful aging process. Income, which looks forward to gradually accumulates due to the unfortunate management style and the dedicated frame farmers.

George W. McCormick, the first manager of the company, has opened a careful style of management, which went a long way toward keeping the company profitable, in spite of an annual shortfall of beet deliveries. He led the company during the first thirty-two years, beginning with the twenty-four years. He met with Benjamin Butelem in Bay City, when he moved there to find work supervisor County Insurance Company travelers. Бутэль думаў, што малады чалавек належыць да хутка развіваецца цукровай прамысловасці, і заклікаў яго дапамагчы ў стварэнні цукровага завода ў Валаслабургу, Антарыё. Пасля паспяховага выканання задання Бутель парэкамендаваў яго для працы кіраўніка ў Menominee.

Menominee было самым складаным месцам у ЗША для перапрацоўкі цукровых буракоў. Нізкія тэмпературы прынялі вялікі ўплыў на працоўных, машын і буракоў, якія звычайна праходзілі праз машыны для нарэзкі, як валуны, пашкоджваючы абсталяванне, якое рабавала фабрыку стройных рэсурсаў. Было цяжка знайсці запасныя часткі з-за адлегласці, якая аддзяляла Menominee ад пастаўшчыкоў і ад цукровых заводаў Ніжняга паўвострава, дзе кіраўнікам фабрыкі было звычайна здаваць запасныя часткі адзін аднаму.

Уважлівая ўвага кампаніі да кантролю за выдаткамі кампаніі акупілася ў 1924 г., калі цукровыя заводы, размешчаныя ў Грын-Бэй і Вадаспад Menominee, Вісконсін, выйшлі на рынак. Цукровая кампанія Menominee River набыла абодва, а потым уклала значныя сумы ў аднаўленне фабрыкі Menominee Falls, якая была закрыта на тры гады непасрэдна перад продажам.

У адрамантаваным заводзе Menominee Falls у спалучэнні з Green Bay і Menominee заводы штата Мічыган стварылі больш магутнасці, чым неабходна для наяўнай плошчы. Адзін з заводаў давялося б закрыць. Menominee выйграў пятлю пасля таго, як бухгалтары падлічылі транспартныя выдаткі на вывазку буракоў на кожную фабрыку. Фабрыка Menominee заставалася закрытай да 1933 г., калі фермеры штата Мічыган адмовіліся і пагадзіліся вярнуцца да цукровых буракоў, рашэнне, якое прыйшло занадта позна, каб выратаваць уладальнікаў цукровай кампаніі, якія страцілі кампанію з-за дэфолтаў тры аблігацыі. гадамі раней.

Збоі ў Еўропе, якія пачаліся ў пачатку 1930-х гадоў, прынеслі новую назву палёў бурачнага цукру і карпаратыўным офісам Мічыгана – Флегенхаймер. Альберт Флегенгаймер быў сынам Самуэля Флегенгаймера, які іміграваў у ЗША альбо ў 1864, альбо ў 1866 годзе, і стаў натуралізаваным грамадзянінам у 1873 годзе. Аднак у наступным годзе ён вярнуўся ў Нямеччыну і пасяліўся ў Вюртембергу. Ён пражыў там сваё жыццё, памёршы ў 1929 годзе ва ўзросце 81 гадоў. Аднак яго кароткае знаходжанне ў ЗША і статус яго грамадзянства ў ЗША аднойчы выратуюць яго нашчадкаў з нямецкіх лагераў смерці.

У лютым 1939 года Альберт Флегенхаймер адвёз сваю сям'ю ў бяспеку Канады, а потым у ЗША, заявіўшы аб грамадзянстве як сын натуралізаванага грамадзяніна. Ён планаваў выхаваць сям'ю і прысвяціць свой час цукровай прамысловасці як у ЗША, так і ў Канадзе. Яго планы выканалі значны поспех, і да 1954 года ён кіраваў цукровым заводам у Menominee і заводам у Грын-Бэй, штат Вісконсін.

Нягледзячы на ​​намаганні Альберта Флегенгаймера, адсутнасць цікавасці з боку фермераў трымала завод невялікім і састарэлым. Ён змагаўся з году ў год, пакуль, нарэшце, у 1955 годзе яго абсталяванне не вычарпана, будынкі ў старым рамонце, а фермеры, якія займаліся іншымі ўраджаямі, "Menominee River Sugar Company", пабудаваныя на надзеях і марах і дзейнічалі з сілай і настойлівасцю больш за паўстагоддзя, назаўсёды зачыніў свае дзверы.


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РЭГУЛЯЦЫІ ІНФЛАЦЫІ: Дадзеныя да 1975 года ўяўляюць сабой статыстыку індэкса спажывецкіх цэн з гістарычнай статыстыкі ЗША (USGPO, 1975). Усе дадзеныя з таго часу паходзяць з штогадовых статыстычных тэзісаў Злучаных Штатаў. Запісана на

Гадавыя справаздачы Мічыгана, Мічыганскі архіў, Лансінг, Мічыган
© 2009 Томас Махар

Пра аўтара:
Томас Махар займаў пасаду выканаўчага віцэ-прэзідэнта кампаніі "Манітор цукру" ў перыяд з 1984 па 1999 год і ў 1993-1998 гг. Быў прэзідэнтам кампаніі "Галава харчовая перапрацоўка". Ён выйшаў на пенсію ў 1999 годзе і зараз прысвячае вольны час пісанню пра гісторыю цукровай прамысловасці. Ён з'яўляецца аўтарам кампаніі "Sweet Energy", "Гісторыя маніторынгу цукровай кампаніі" ў 2001 годзе.

Doggin & # 39; Milwaukee: Where to go with your dog when in Cream

Park Whitnall Milwaukee, which has 640 hectares of & # 39 is one of the biggest

municipal parks in America. However, dogs are not welcome there. Dogs can also

not to visit Lake Michigan Beach in Milwaukee. Fine for what you are in the dog

prohibited area is $ 149.90, as a penalty for what your dog is not attached or not

Dog Cleaning in Milwaukee County. If you are in Milwaukee

along with his dog go to the dog park Granville, located to the north of Good Hope

Road and west of Highway 45 on the east bank of the river Menamoni

Park in Milwaukee, where dogs can exercise without a leash.

The hike with your dog travel more than an hour to the west in the state forest kettle Moreno. The

Ice Age has been so important in shaping the landscape of Wisconsin, which most

Recent advances ice streams was called "the Wisconsin glaciation." for

nearly 100 000 years – to just 10 000 years ago – ice spread around

State melted and reformed again retreated.

Six major ice fingers shoved into the ground, making Wisconsin today vyskablivayuchy

land and transport the boulders long distances. Hills and ridges that were left behind are called

moraine. Where blocks of ice broke away from the main glacier, deepening

formed from melting ice buried. They are called kettles. kettle

Moreno west of Milwaukee – this is really a series of Morena, formed between two large

ice flows. Some – simple pimples in the landscape; others go up to more than 300

feet above the surrounding ground.

In 1937, legislation established the state of Wisconsin forest in the kettle Moreno

protect what created the glaciers. In 1958, local residents began to agitate for ice

Age national park and volunteers built the first segment of what became

National scenic trail "Ice Age." Today there are about 300 miles of the dog

certified along the front edge of the great glaciers.

South unit of the state forest Moreno teapot famous for its footpath

that permeate the 21,000 hectares of land. In addition to the hiking trails

In the forest, there are more than 50 miles of horse trails, 20 km mountain bike trails, 30

miles of ski trails and 46 miles of trails snowmobiles. Leg 30 mi

Walking trail Ice Age flies on icy terrain. most

visible power glacial – a conical hills water saturated sand, called dough

here it swamped streams which are penetrated through the slits in the main ice streams. dogs will

also enjoy the many lakes, the remaining glaciers; The two most popular

Lake Ottawa and Belovode.

North-west of the town of Eagle – is Paradise Springs, once a resort and retreat

early 1930s. Springs popping out of the ground water in the bowl,

shaped depression, which emit water at 500 gallons per minute. water

it is a constant 47 degrees year round, ideal for Brooke-Foret that are in stock,

United trout, a native of the kettle Marena. Spring house near the pond with trout

Built from native field stone – one of the greatest ever built in Wisconsin and was once

It is used as a spa.

Use exit 282 just south of I-94 to get to the state forest kettle Moreno. continue 14

miles to the Eagle in the heart of the state forest.

copyright 2006

Top schools accredited diagnostic medical sonagrafii Iowa, Iowa

Mid-western city of Iowa City is recognized as a regional center for educational and cultural activities. A student or a specialist diagnostic medical sonagrafii has a lot of good options if you do not study and do not work. These include activities such as a visit to the Arts Festival in Iowa or boating on the reservoir Koralvil. Most health care system, which includes the hospital and the University of Iowa Hospital, creates a favorable environment to meet the educational requirements and certification sanografav ultrasound specialist.

Diagnostic medical sonagrafiya Education in Iowa City, Iowa

Since 2014 in the field of higher education enrolls more than 24,000 students. Iowa City – home medical institution the University of Iowa, which offers a single local program diagnostic medical sanografa, accredited by the Accreditation Commission of allied health. Programs (CAAHEP). The program requires the completion of a mixture sonagrafii and topical classes and clinical training. Completion of the program, accredited by CAAHEP, with & # 39 is the best way because sonagrafii graduates are fully prepared to take on the relevant ARDMS certification exams without additional preparation. Scholarships available to help students sonagrafii reduce training costs and books required for training.

Forecast of income and employment for sanografav Iowa, Iowa

It is expected that the trend of employment of diagnostic medical sonagrafav in Iowa will meet the national outlook. During the period from 2010 to 2020, sanografy can expect a 4.2 percent annual rate of growth in the number of available assignments ultrasound. Since the national health program continues to grow, this number is likely to increase. In Iowa, diagnostic medical sanografy earn an average annual salary of 60,920 US dollars, or 29.29 dollars per hour for the Department of Labor Statistics in May 2013. The average annual salary for ultrasound technology in the country was 67,170 dollars, or 32.29 dollars per hour in 2013.

List of ultrasound technician schools CAAHEP in Iowa and next

School name: University of Iowa Health University
Address: C723 GH 200 Hawkins Drive
ZIP: 52242
City: Iowa City
State: Iowa
sanagrafii program: Bachelor's degree certificate and

School Name: Allen College
Address: 1990 Heath Street
ZIP: 50703
City: Waterloo
State: Iowa
sanagrafii program: Bachelor's degree certificate and

School name: Mercy College of Health Sciences
Address: 928 Sixth Avenue
ZIP: 50309
City: Des Moines
sanagrafii program: Associate Professor

School name: College of DuPage
Address: 425 Boulevard Favell
ZIP: 60137
City: Glen Ellyn
State: Illinois
sanagrafii Program: Certificate and satellite

School name: University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Address: 2200 E blvd. Kenwood
ZIP: 53201
City: Milwaukee
State: Wisconsin
sanagrafii program: Bachelor's degree

School Name: Whitton Health Frensiskanski St. Francis Hospital
Address: 3237 south 16th street
ZIP: 53215
City: Milwaukee
State: Wisconsin
sanagrafii Program: Certificate
Accreditation: Accredited by CAAHEP and ARRT

School Name: Medical Center "Aurora St. Luke"
Address: 180 W Avenue Grunge
ZIP: 53207
City: Milwaukee
State: Wisconsin
sanagrafii Program: Certificate

School name: University of Wisconsin, hospitals and clinics
Address: 610 N. Way Whitney, Suite 440
ZIP: 53705
City: Madison
State: Wisconsin
sanagrafii program: Bachelor's degree certificate and

State laws Pertseva spray

Pepper pepper as a self-defense tool & # 39 is a great and legal in all 50 states, but it is important to note that there are restrictions and new laws are adopted permanently in several states. The best thing you can do if you are going to buy Pertseva spray – first contact the local law enforcement agencies. Below are the states that now have restrictions on the purchase and use of Pertseva spray.


In New York State, you are allowed to buy Pertseva spray only from a licensed firearms dealer. It was also said that the spray can be purchased at the pharmacy. By making a purchase, you will need to fill in personal information, as in the case, if you buy a firearm.


In a perfect state of Massachusetts, anyone who wants to buy a spray, must first apply for and obtain a certificate of firearms. It may seem reasonable to most people, but given the cost of $ 100, which accompanies this recording, some people find it a bit unpleasant.


In California, the rules relating to the spray peppers are not as strict. To satisfy the validity of this status, the spray canister can not contain more than 2.5 ounces of active product. Furthermore, the device should clearly indicate a warning that indicates that the product can only be used for self-defense.


Of all the states that have restrictions, Wisconsin, is perhaps the most severe, and it is not only people who can buy pepper spray, but also concentration and ingredients. The legal age to buy Pertseva spray in this state is 18, and if the unit is stored in the vehicle, the driver must be 18 years or older.

Also age restrictions, Wisconsin precisely refers to ingredients in the sprays. In many areas, the spray contains UV dies, so that in cases where the offender away from the authorities, which can then be determined. Police Wisconsin only one who is allowed to wear a spray, including the dye. The only ingredient permitted in this state, with a 39 & # Oleoresin Capsicum, mace and other substances such as tear gas, is prohibited, and the maximum strength of the spray amounts to 10% of the restriction of the & # 39; volume of 15-60 grams.


Like Wisconsin, Michigan and regulates the level of concentration of the spray. To be legal in this state, the spray can not be more than 2% concentration of active substance and also with CS & # 39 is only acceptable ingredient here. They also regulate the amount that each person can carry up to 35 grams.


These are the basic laws for the states that regulate the sale of pepper-spray. If you are going to buy pepper spray, it is always a good idea to call the local law enforcement agencies to take the rules that apply to your area. Laws and regulations may change frequently, so make sure you are aware of any changes.

Nascar Matt Kenseth – From Boy to Superstar

This star is the NASCAR, born Matthew Roy Kenset, grew up in Cambridge, Wisconsin, and was brought to light March 10, 1972. Something & # 39; I Mats already participated before he took up racing Kenset world. His father, Roy Kenseth, made a deal with him, in which the young Kenseth had to work and maintain a race car, which he wanted to manage it only once, when he was 16 years old. I learned early on that you need to do more than just drive the car. His love of cars gained the nickname "Motor" from his father, which Matt also feels the biggest childhood hero.

He began his official racing car & # 39; career when he was 16 years old and he has proved that it has something more, if only in the third race won his first artistic event. He raced on the highway "Columbus 151" and "Jefferson Speedway" near Cambridge. He is four years engaged in the sale and delivery of spare parts for chassis manufacturers recent models of racing cars after qualifying as a Chartered Cambridge High School.

When he was 19 years old, Matt Kenseth was already opposed to the influential drivers. His victory in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, led him to a greater height, as he became the youngest winner in the history ARTGO Challenge Series. Shortly thereafter, Matt burned tires on the race tracks of Wisconsin with more wins and titles at different tracks around Wisconsin. One of his biggest accomplishments would be if he won the national championship Miller for this project of the national championship in 1994 at the age of 22 years. He was the youngest driver who ever won a similar event.

After various successful races in the series NASCAR All Pro, The Hooters Series (1996) and the ASA series (1997), Robbie Reiser went to Kenseth to hold them race in the NASCAR Busch Series. chemistry between them was delightful, as debuted on the speed in Nashville in 1997 and managed to grab the 11th place. Matt was able to collect two-five-five and seven top-10 finish 21 start and was able to take second place for the title of Rookie of the Year.

Matt Kenseth went on his first full season in the Busch Series in 1998, where he finished in second place for the championship points and made his first NEXTEL Cup start. Later he fought in Ford McDonald & # 39; s, Dover Downs, taking the place of Billy Elliot and got a lot of attention when he managed to get sixth place in his first run with a major racing competitions. Matt went on to excel in almost every event in which participated, and in 2000 he was awarded a Winston Cup rookie Reybestas years, and during this time he also gained four victories in the series Busch at Daytona, fountains, Dover and Charlotte.

In 2001, Matt Mats won the competition Unocal 16 / Rockingham World Pit Crew Competition, setting a new world record. Despite the fact that his race was not as good as his freshman year at the start of the season, Matt still managed to finish confidently with three good five finish. The next few years saw Matt, that has been steadily growing in the high-speed rocks. In 2006, Matt got the three car & # 39; EASURES (15 top-five finish, 9.8 average finish of 14.6 and an average start). In the car & # 39; EASURES he reached the 1132 range, with three wins in a series of Bush and took second place in the championship standings the NEXTEL, to name a few things that have happened with Matt in 2006.

Matt Kenseth tied the knot with Katie Martin in 2000, and he has a son from a previous relationship Ross. Now his son working on the car legends in Wisconsin and now participates in sports races.

Marijuana laws are worthy of jurisdiction

Each state has its own laws regarding the penalties and punishments for drug possession and paraphernalia of drugs. Some states treat possession or sale of some drugs as less serious & # 39; serious crimes than other substances, while other States are complying with stringent penalties against all criminals.

In some states, cities and counties possession of marijuana is treated as a minor offense or even without a crime. In California, people can actually get a prescription to legally possess marijuana to treat various medical conditions. And in November 2009, the city Brekenryzh, Colorado, voted in favor of the legalization of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia. However, despite the decriminalization of marijuana in these regions, in other locations across the country marijuana is still treated as suras & # 39; oznae crime.

Wisconsin – a state that is very suras & # 39; ozna takes possession of marijuana. Marijuana laws in Wisconsin say:

  • Possession of any amount of marijuana as a first offense – the offense is provided for in the jail up to 6 months and a fine of up to $ 1,000. Despite the fact that under certain conditions the conditional dismissal is available to first offenders of crime, a second or subsequent charge of possession – a crime that provides up to 3.5 years in federal prison and a fine of 10,000 US dollars.
  • Possession or sale of paraphernalia offense provided by the prosecution. Possession of paraphernalia of marijuana can lead to prison up to 30 days and a fine of $ 500. Sale of merchandise may result in 90 days and imprisonment and a fine of $ 1,000 fine, which may be extended to nine months in prison and a fine of 10 000 dollars, when the sale took place a minor. For multiple charges for possession, double penalties.
  • In Wisconsin, any possession of marijuana with intent to sell, manufacture, distribute, or deliver will lead to criminal liability. Depending on the amount of marijuana in the possession of, the fines can range from 3.5 to 15 years in federal prison, a fine of 10 000 to 25 000 dollars.
  • All condemnation also lead to the suspension of rights of a driving license within 6 months to 5 years, and the possession of a public park or swimming pool, a school or a school bus, a youth or community center within 1,000 feet add 100 community officials hours before the verdict.
  • Possession of 1000 meters from the school, school bus, public park, public pool, youth center or community center adds another 100 hours of community service to the punishment for possession.

For more information on marijuana laws in Wisconsin or other criminal offenses, please visit the website of lawyers on the criminal protection of the company's Appleton Kohler & Hart.

10 best cities to find a job

Employment in the US recession can often be an unpleasant thing. The economic downturn has created an ironic situation – a high demand for work, but not enough to get around. Fortunately, all this can only be a matter of where you look. Recent studies have shown that some cities have higher rates of job growth than others, even during the recent recession. If you are looking for a job, you can actually increase your chances in search of a friend in one of the following cities:

Madison, Wisconsin

Among all the cities in the list of Madison regarded as the most resistant to the recession, largely due to the University of Wisconsin. The establishment of a & # 39; is a major employer, which offers a large number of jobs. In addition, its main research group, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, with the & # 39 is a pioneer in biotechnology, medical technology and health care, which contributes to impressive growth in this area.

In addition, Madison provides job growth – is the fact that he & # 39 is the seat of the state and county governments, and history has shown us that the presence of government offices with the & # 39 is the main indicator of a positive job growth. Simply put, the greater the public institutions in the district, the more the government creates jobs. It will be obvious to other cities on the list.

Washington, DC

Speaking of the government offices, Washington received their peaks. Along with employment, which is provided by the Washington government premises, the growth of jobs in the city is also supported by its educational system in which school in the next year should produce more than 30 000 jobs.

Baltimore, Maryland

Lying in the vicinity of Washington, Baltimore largely benefit from the wealth of the neighboring state in the works. With its constant stream of passengers who are going to the capital, and a large number of government contractors moved to Baltimore for convenience.

Boston, Massachusetts

As is the case with Madison, Boston benefited greatly from their medical and research institutions. Education plays a big role as well as a high level of education of the working forces of the city are attracted to this area a lot of biotech and software companies.

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh also have to thank the health care industry for the opportunity to overcome the recession. University of Pittsburgh in the same medical center is responsible for more than 40 000 jobs, and the reports show that the industry is still looking for qualified individuals to join its workforce.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee – one of the few cities that are not fortunate enough to grow. This is largely due to the high demand for health workers in the region – an industry occupies more than 30 000 jobs. To this add the fact that the company, based in Chicago, moved to Milwaukee at lower operating costs, and you have a recipe for profitable growth jobs.

Richmond, Virginia

Due to its proximity to the nation's capital, Richmond enjoys a relatively high rate of job growth, especially in defense and government contracts. A large number of military bases in the region also contributes to enabling the availability of work. What is best for Richmond, it's a good mix of industries and business sizes. A lot of places where you can find a job, means that for the growth the city will not have to rely on a single industry.

Seattle, Washington

Biotechnology and medicine are the main participants in the city's economy, as the aging population has increased the demand for professionals in this sector. The unemployment rate could fall to 5.3%, but this is largely due to the lack of jobs in this area. Conversely, workers with white collars are the chances of finding a job in the city.

X & # 39; Easton, Texas

City largely benefited from public works in the fields of energy, oil and gas. Only industry has helped create over 11 000 jobs in the area, and as expected their numbers will grow in the next 12 months.

Dallas, Texas

Like his colleague of Texas, Dallas, largely owes its government on energy issues. In addition, the city is enjoying growth of its information technology industry, which will bring even more jobs to the area.

Open laws on holding tools – whether they apply in your state?

Although some of the laws about weapons controlled by the federal government, many are left to themselves will state. Wisconsin has the broadest laws about weapons of any state of the nation. In Wisconsin, the private citizens is completely forbidden to carry a hidden gun. However, the law to carry weapons, except in places prohibited by law. It is prohibited firearms:

  • transportation
  • government buildings
  • school
  • Companies that sell alcoholic drinks that can be consumed on-site
  • Any area within 1,000 feet of school property, with the exception of private property

of Wisconsin public transport law designed to combat crime, making the availability of firearms is well known and, therefore, well-regulated. However, while some jurisdictions have tried to bring to justice those who fulfills the law of the outdoors, svezhuya him as a crime, like disorderly conduct. Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has expressed support for an open transport law, when he said: "Do you want to carry a gun in Wisconsin, wear it on the hip."

If the firearm will be transported inside the vehicle, it must be:

  • unloaded
  • deal
  • Beyond the reach of the driver

Unloaded means having no shell or cartridge in firearms, while the housing means is properly enclosed in a housing designed solely for the storage of firearms. Because of this section supports the gun law must unload and lock the gun in front of the vehicle, and after exiting the vehicle must snap up and show a firearm openly.

If a person has a gun, he can before the & # 39; to reveal a criminal offense, if there are some other conditions, including if the person:

  • Previously, he was convicted of a crime.
  • He committed a criminal offense as a juvenile.
  • He has not been found guilty of committing a crime because of a mental condition.
  • Because of the mental state was ordered to have no firearms.
  • If involved in a home-limiting manner, or prohibited for children order.
  • Resolution against getting firearms because of the limitation proceedings.

In addition, if a person knowingly provides a firearm to another person who meets the above conditions, the person providing the weapons, says a senior crime.